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Portsmouth Earth & Environmental Science Graduates

 50 years of Geology Graduates at Portsmouth 1965 - 2015


Welcome to this Portsmouth Earth & Environmental Science Graduates careers website. The website is for graduates of what is now, the University of Portsmouth and provides summaries of graduates’ careers, together with photographs, some personal information, current news etc. There is also a page for Earth and Environmental Science Staff, past and present.

Contributions, and updates, may be sent to Dr. Brian Walton, former Portsmouth Geology lecturer, who is running the website and acting as editor. Other lecturers have also been providing information.

Geology or Earth Science has been taught as a Degree subject at Portsmouth, in various forms, since at least 1962. Initially, this was within the Geology Section of the Department of Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Geology! Later this became the Department of Geology and is now the School of Earth and Environmental Science. Similarly, the institution progressed from being Portsmouth College of Technology, to Portsmouth Polytechnic (1969) and now the University of Portsmouth (from 1992). In recent years the Degree Courses on offer have been considerably extended to include Environmental Science.

It is now (2015), 50 years since we started having Geology or Earth Science graduates at Portsmouth and in this time some 1500 students, in total, have graduated. For much of this period about 70% have worked in Geology or Earth Science related careers, especially in the fields of oil and mineral exploration and engineering and environmental geology. The remainder also have often had interesting and successful careers. Currently 221 graduates have contributed to the website. Most recent additions and updates - David Sylvester 1985, David Borton 1972, Chris Eaton 1980, Andy Pascall 1991 and John Lovell 1970. It's interesting to see how careers have developed over the years, and in this respect, the website is a unique record. Although no graduates from 2010 onwards have yet contributed, it would be great to hear from them, and an appropriate page will then be put into place!


I hope you find it interesting - Brian.




Many thanks to Lal and Edwin for help in designing the website and getting it to work properly! It is being hosted by Cottagewebs.



Clodagh Murphy and Tony Butcher (both 1998) have set up a Facebook Group for Portsmouth Geology Graduates and would welcome any more who would like to join this.


Nick Koor has set up a Portsmouth Engineering Geology & Geotechnics Alumni grouping on Linkedin. You can join linkedin and then join the Alumni Group.


All our graduates can register with the University of Portsmouth alumni association ( www.port.ac.uk/alumni ).


The benefits available are the following:
•   20% discount on most postgraduate courses at the University of Portsmouth (subject to terms and conditions)
•   Invitations to alumni networking events and socials
•   Support with organising reunions (discounted rate at Rees Hall)
•   An annual publication and regular e-newsletters
•   A discounted rate at the University gym
•   Membership of the Students’ Union for a fee including the option to purchase an NUS extra card
•   Use of the library for an annual fee of 20
•   Access to My Alumni allowing people to find and message classmates, book onto events and view exclusive alumni information
•   List their business in our on-line directory
•   Discounts on Dell laptops.

We also offer business start up mentoring through the Portsmouth Centre for Enterprise and access to services in Purple Door Careers and Recruitment but this is mainly for graduates of the last 5 years




For your amusement see 'How to be a Real Geologist' (with thanks to Alan Taylor, 1984).


Degree courses taken by graduates will be indicated by the following suffixes:


Undergraduate Courses



Portsmouth College of Technology - University of London External.

 BSc. Joint Hons. Geology. - 1

 BSc. Hons. Geology. - 2


Portsmouth Polytechnic - CNAA  

  BSc. Hons. Geology. - 3

  BSc. Joint Hons Geology - 4

  BSc. Hons. Engineering Geology & Geotechnics.- 5.


University of Portsmouth

 BEng. Hons. Engineering Geology & Geotechnics. - 6

 BSc. Hons. Geology.- 7.

 BSc. Hons. Applied Environmental Geology. - 8  

 BSc. Hons. Applied Environmental Geoscience.- 9

 BSc. Hons.Earth Sciences.- 10


 BSc. Hons. Palaeobiology and Evolution. - 11

 BSc. Hons. Geological Hazards. - 12

 BSc. Hons. Geology and Computing - 13

BSc. Hons. Environmental Forensics - 14

BSc. Hons. Environmental Hazards - 15

BSc. Hons. Environmental Science - 16

BSc. Hons. Marine Environmental Science - 17



Postgraduate Courses.


MSc. Contaminated Land - 18

MSc. Geohazard Assessment - 19

MSc. Ground Investigation and Assessment -20

MSc. Engineering Geology - 21






Allan Arnold (1967) working in Greenland in 1974.