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Peter Boyes - 3

Date sent:        21 Oct 2001

Hi Mike, I'm on a rig in the Danish Sector of the North Sea, there's not
a lot going on, so I've been surfin the net, found your address at the
Portsmouth Uni website, thought I'd drop you a line.

How are you? I hope you're well, I must say, I liked the photo, you haven't
changed a bit.

Sorry I haven't been back to visit, I keep meaning to, just haven't got
around to it yet. I know, 11 years, I've been a bit slack. I see you've got a
newer member of staff, a Dr Gary Mullins, jezzzus christ (nick name at the
time), that's gotta be worth a visit.

Since I left Portsmouth I've been working in the oil field. Seven years mud
logging/pressure engineering with Exlog, then Baker Huges INTEQ. For the
past four years I've been a consultant wellsite geologist. Previously I was
mostly working for Maersk on horizontal chalk well, coordinating the
directional drilling and stuff. For the past year I've been working for DONG
a small Danish company on deeper exploration (Late Jurassic) high pressure,
high temperature wells, it's pretty interesting stuff. I love it, I think I
got the best job, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, it's sweet. Living in Nottingham.
Still single, no kids.

I'm still in touch with quite a few of the guys. I've been snowboarding with
Phil Groom for the past 7 years, he quit Exlog after a couple of months and
is now a rather successful, married pharmaceutical salesman. Simon Hazel
works off shore Norway for a mudlogging company, I see him quite often. Phil
(naughty) Morton, married with a little fella, quit Exlog after 3/4 years,
retrained as a building surveyor. Nigel Wellsbury, married with a baby on
the way works for a landfill site company.  Craig (Skippy)'s quit the
oilfield, Steve (the Face) is still out there as a MWD operator. That's
about it. I often wonder what everyone else is up to. I'd be well up for
going to a reunion or something.

I had a bloody marvelous time at Portsmouth Poly, happy days. Thanks alot,
say hi to everyone for me. Pete Boyes.



Jo Browne - 3
Date: 11.8.05

I am still working at Colchester Sixth Form College but am now head of environmental science here. I have expanded my trips here to include this July Honduras – not a geology trip but we took 18 students to work alongside scientists in the tropical rainforest. Geology trips for 2005/6 look to be Hawaii in October half term and then maybe Iceland at Easter.
I have sent a few geology students to Portsmouth and one who is actually starting this October!
I keep in contact with Scott Cutler – he works part of the year in any job then goes travelling for the rest! He is currently travelling through central America and sent me a card to say that he is thinking of doing a PhD in volcanology! He can be contacted via his parents in Wales still.
Stephen King lives in Portsmouth and works for the inland revenue.
Hope you are having a good summer! I actually have 3 weeks free this year, which feels very odd as normally I am away travelling for the whole summer holiday!


Joanne Forster - 3

Date sent:          05 Jul 2005


How are you? Been meaning to e-mail since xmas!

Life sounds good your end. Are you really retiring this year? If so
where are you off to? Just wanted to catch you before you left if you
are leaving. I am sure your departure will be a big loss to the
Dept. Good luck in your new ventures.

Nothing to report this end. Did a 10k the other week which nearly
killed me as always - came 122 out of 123! (although I was the 28th
women). It was accross a beach for 5 miles and then up a hill! Got the
Bath Triathlon this w/e which no doubt I'll come nearly last - but its
all about taking part with me.

Anyway hope all is well with you.


Andy Pascall - 

22 Sept. 2015

Dear Dr Walton

I am sitting at our open evening for school having a treasured quiet moment and I was updating my twitter account @andypascall and linkedin account and thought I would look up a few names.

 I have a number of specimens out in my classroom to entice the prospective Year 7s including some coral, lava from Iceland and a big lump of Amazonite I carried off a Norwegian mountain top with Jason Wilkinson!

 I like, many graduates worked as a mud logger and like Dave Rayner ended up in Angola and decided to quit. As some of you also know I manged to fall off the Jungfrau in 1993. I worked for Prudential for a while, moved companies a couple of times and got made redundant a couple of times. When I was getting married I did a fill in job before retraining as a Geography Teacher! I have now been at Langley Grammar School for 10 years and I am now Head of Department, Head of Year 10 and 11 and I am DofE Manager, so school is getting their two pennies worth!

 I am married with three kids, Ed in Year 8, Chloe in Year 5 and Imogen in Year 1. We also have two mad pugs so life is full on.

 Hope to hear from a few graduates of 1991.


Andy Pascall

Sept 2015


David Rayner - 3

Date sent:        29 Jun 2001

Hi Mike,

It has been almost 10 years since I finished at Portsmouth and I thought I
would send you an update on what an ex-geology student of yours has been up

After graduation, started working for Geoservices in Africa and the Middle
East as a mudlogger (No surprises there then!), but after getting entangled
in the civil war in Angola, I refused my next assignment there unless they
provided proper safety and survival equipment. That was the end of that job.
I then spent a year working as an administrator and Database writer for
Hampshire TEC in Fareham.

I then managed to get a job with Halliburton in the North Sea, again as a
mudlogger, but soon moved to assignments in China, Malaysia and Thailand. An
opportunity arose to move into the software department and I took it, and
promptly got stranded in China (Korla in the Taklimakan Desert) for 3 months
supporting the equipment and software.

After a bit of a rant at the management, the sales department offered me a
position as a technical sales engineer (I still don't really know what that
means) and again I worked in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and
Australia. I also began work writing a new Log Drawing System (Something
John Whalley may be interested in), but after two years of that, I alongside
everyone else was made redundant.

Because of my experience in writing software, I applied to several companies
for a position as a software engineer, and found that I had 7 job offers
within about 2 days. I accepted the CMG offer and after two years here I am
now senior software architect, designing and developing web based payroll
software (Hmm...)

Still writing geological software though, and hope to have my first product
in the field within the next two months. It can be used in any situation
where coring/drilling is the primary investigation technique. This includes
Hydro-geologists, MinEx Geologists and Oil industry Geologists.

Now living in Epsom, but I do get down to Portsmouth occasionally. I will
try to pop in to the department on my next visit.

How is Geology in Portsmouth now? Hope it is still the great course it was
in my day!

Send my best wishes to John Whalley, Mike Barker and all the other lecturers
we tormented over those fine 3 years!

Take care,

Dave Rayner
' 01784 416302
* david.rayner@cmgplc.com


Hi Brian,

Things are good. I'm still in shock that it's now over 20 years since I started at Portsmouth but it's been quite a ride until now!
My profile is quite a limited view of all that I've been up to, and all the places I've visited, but feel free to use it and any other news in this email.

(Six years in oil industry working China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Africa, Yemen etc, etc. Worked as an IT Consultant and Software Architect for a consultancy in London for three years.
Started a software development company in 2002 with a few friends. Sold the company in 2007. Now working for a media company managing a software development team.
Living in Epsom, Surrey. Not married, no kids, 1 cat.)

It's been a fun few years! The only thing I regret is not being in the geology business for all that time - I always thought it would always be my main business, but i guess that software engineering was always one of my strengths. I've done a lot of programming, but currently web development is my main vocation.
On another note, I'm finally getting married this year, the day before my 40th birthday! It's something I'm looking forward to more than anything, but it does take a huge amount of time to plan!
Hope things are well with you! If you see any of the other fine lecturers at pompey over a pint of ale, send my best wishes. Oddly enough, I was having a pint with a lecturer from Kingston who knows John Whalley well. There is always a connection no matter where you happen to be.

Take care. Perhaps it's time to start thinking of a class of 91 reunion!



Pete Wayne - 3

Date: 12/20/01


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!!!

Things have moved on at a frenetic pace again since I last emailed you mid-year. I am still heavily involved with providing consultancy to a US signalling telecoms provider who are the sole vendor for signalling equipment to the Orange mobile network. At the moment the signs are that this role will expand in the new year, as I take on the position of European Customer Services Director, responsible for technical support, program management, installation and customer account management - in other words no rest for the wicked!!!

After going through the rigmarole of trying to purchase a house, including one in the Forest of Dean, I have this past weekend moved into a 4 bedroom property in Pembrokeshire, in a place called Freshwater East (opposed to Freshwater West where the field trip used to go). With only 25 miles of single carriageway road, it is well served by fast roads and motorway, but is lovely and isolated. The view from my office now is to the south over Freshwater Bay with Lundy island looking like a whaleback in the sea. To complement this, the view from the back is out towards the Presceli Mountains with the Ridgeway acting as a visual break in the foreground. Geologically speaking, Freshwater Bay is cut into an anticline exposing the older Silurian rocks overlain by Devonian sandstones and towards the west (2 miles) the Carboniferous Limestone. Therefore, in my freetime (if such a thing exists!!!) I intend to get to grips with mapping this and other structural features of the area.

Other than that, life moves on!

Wishing you and your family a very merry christmas and a prosperous and healthy new year.




John Butterwick - 7

May 19, 2009.

Hi Brian,

Good to "hear" from you. I am an Environmental Protection Officer with what is now Cornwall Concil (formerly Caradon District Council) based at Liskeard. I live in Plymouth married with two lovely children (well they are sometimes) Max (10) and Gaia (6). We moved down here from Farnborough (HANTS) in 2003 - I was a house husband for 3 years before getting a 3 month EPO job with Plymouth City Council then getting my current permanent post. (I say permanent - we are going through a reorganisation at the mo following on from Cornwall having to go unitary, it's quite possible I will be becoming more specialist - possibly in the area of dealing wwith the Council's duties regarding "contaminated" land).

Are you still lecturing??

Cheers for now



Ian Kirby - 7

04 May 2009

Hello Brian, glad to see you looking well! I'm living up in Edinburgh and I'm still working offshore in the Norwegian sector - a very civilised schedule, normally about 130 days offshore a year. I'm at home for a few weeks now so I'll look out some pictures to scan from Brittany and Cyprus. I'll try and get something down on email for the careers page. cheers Ian.

Andy Mynors - 7

Date: 18.12.06


Hope this finds you well and apologies for a real lack of correspondence in 2006.. a hectic year in Aberdeen and just about settling.. Was a great summer and we went off to the Scottish mountains for a few days in Sept.. a trip back to Bpn in Oct and going down to Stafford for a few days at Xmas. Will get a MSN account opened up and add some pics in the new year… Hope to keep in touch… cheers Andy, Lia and Thomas ..


Andrew/Andy MYNORS, Geoservices, N Europe District

Country Manager UK, Denmark , Holland .

Unit F34, Wellheads Crescent ,

Wellheads Industrial Estate, Aberdeen , AB217GA

Office: + 44 (0)1224 724 007

Mobile: + 44 (0)7710 582 206

Direct Line + 44 (0)1224 793 506


21 Feb. 2011


Good to hear from you ,,, will try to update the link below some time

Busy in KL since July 2009 ( pic from a trip in Singapore in 2009)

Another boy on the way in May

Best regards

Andrew Mynors 

Mud Logging Sales Engineer -  Asia District.


A Schlumberger Company

Direct: + 603 2164 0426

Mob: +60 127 208 834

Unit B-3A-5, Block B, Megan Avenue 1,

No 189, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, KL, Malaysia .

Andrew with Lia and Thomas - Singapore 2009



Lindsay Rogers - 7

Date: 17.8.05 05

After leaving the department in 1992, I took a year out of geology and worked as a language teacher in Lugo in Galicia, Spain. I'd learned Spanish via a course offered by the department during our first year at Portsmouth and consolidated that skill whilst carrying out field work from Salamanca University.

I started working for Halliburton SDL from January 1994 and was assigned to Africa. During my time in Iberia I also taught myself Portuguese and it wasn't long before I was transferred from an initial assignment in North Africa to work in Angola. I remained there for the best part of ten years, principally contracted to ELF (I was on the ultra deep water Girassol project when they hit the jackpot in 1997). As things changed with time, I worked for the most part as the supervisor on board. I was their only ex-pat crew member for some time as we took on the policy of Angolanization enforced by the government.

I worked also for Texaco near the mouth of the Congo river, out of the town of Soyo. I also worked in South Africa during 1999 for Mossgas (now PetroSA) and a handful of temporary assignments to Gabon, Ghana, etc. Politics began to cast their influence from 1998 as Halliburton had bought Dresser, the holding company of Sperry Sun, leading to a merger. From 2000 I worked for Sperry Sun in Cabinda, an enclave of Angola just to the north of the River Congo. Thereafter I was transferred to South Africa again and finally to Kazakhstan to work in the shallow zone in the northern Caspian Sea until about 18 months ago I took redundancy from Sperry Sun.

Outside of the work, I have spent almost all of my leisure time following the England cricket team and I have visited all of the test playing nations at least once in the last 11 years or so. The most recent addition to that list was Bangladesh in 2003 - which was fantastic. I have been residing permanently in Cape Town since January 1996. I own a house there in Sea Point, near the beach, so I commute to the cricket from there. It's a Victorian cottage and I carry out my own restoration of it. I more recently made plans for investments into a plantation project in Sri Lanka, but that was scuppered by the Tsunami. Because of that I may still do some geology work in the oil business in the future, but nowadays in my own time and at my own bequest - like contract work.

15 June 2014            Dear Brian

It has been a long time. Extraordinary how the time gets away from you, particularly when you're kept busy and as we are (all) getting older..

I received the phishing mail, via your address, whilst in Sri Lanka. We can say that I'm here on holiday, but I've spent a lot of time here over the last ten years. It started as a cricket thing.

Otherwise, I still maintain my home base in Cape Town, from where I've been commuting to northern Mozambique, for the last four years, working on a deep sea gas exploration project for Anadarko Petroleum Company.  I'm working on-call as consultant well site geologist, specialising in wireline supervision and formation evaluation, in this case contracted via STAG Geological, with whom I know you are familiar.

I left my work at the end of May and got to Sri Lanka on Monday, after stopping off in Abu Dhabi last weekend to catch the reunion of Black Sabbath in concert where they started off their European tour...

That the email I received was a scam was in many ways good news as not only did it inspire renewed contact, and this brief update,
but it means you are safe and well at home and not left stranded in Istanbul, or somewhere. Accordingly, I hope this message finds you and your family well and in good spirit.

Always nice to keep in touch, and to re-kindle very fond memories.


Lindsay Rogers


Malcolm Sidford - 7

17 July 2010

Hello Brian, good to see you on the computer screen after all this time, it's nice to be remembered.
I'm working on the rigs in the North Sea at the moment, not as a geologist but as a rope access supervisor. I've been doing rope access since I left you all those years back & I've been on some brilliant jobs...the Eden Project, Canary Wharf, the CN Tower to name just a few. I've worked with Stu Pugsley in Hong Kong & Dave Parker too.
I still love the rocks though, found some post-glacial landslides to explore nr. Bleaklow in the Peak District not long back, they got me thinking and they're still baffling me a bit.
Infact, now I think about it I've just returned from Brittany, not far from where you sent me for my final year project.
Just counting the days before I get off this rig & return to the hills.
Chat again soon, Malcolm.



Simon Brookes - 7

Date: 8.11.02
From: simon.brookes@port.ac.uk

Hi Brian

hope you are well.  Yes I'm still here at the Uni.  I am doing really well
actually.  Life is good.  Work wise I have been promoted lots lately.  I
was asked this week by the director of Marketing if I would be
caretaker manager for the team I work in until February (I will be
leading a team of 7 people in the Corporate comms and publications
team).  Bring on the extra cash!!  Other than work I am very happy.  I
live with my girlfriend and her little boy in a lovely house in Southsea.  I
might have some more news on that front next week!!
I don't know anything about a 1993 reunion.  Any info would be much
appreciated.  Do you hear from any of my year Geologists?

Mike summers can now be found here:

I was trying to track down Mike Duggan and Jackie Harrison - do you
have any details about them?
Take care

Web Development Coordinator
Corporate Communications and Publications Team
University of Portsmouth
1 Guildhall Walk

Tel: (023) 9284 2431

Date: 11.11.02 

Hi Brian hope you had a fantastic break.

One last piece of news.  I proposed to my girlfriend, Claire, on
Saturday and she accepted.  We will be getting married next summer.



Ian Coulson - 7

Date: 22.01.07

Hello Brian,

It is wonderful to hear from you.  Yes I actually came across the website over the weekend and was meaning to write to you to tell you how I am doing.  I have just started a one-year sabbatical at the University of Tuebingen in Germany.  After 6 years at the University of Regina, it is a pleasant change.  I love the old medieval city here and the people and my colleagues are great.  Once I have mastered the language I am sure it will be easier to fit in!

Anyway, I now have a permanent position of 'Associate Professor' in Canada - which I think is equivalent to a senior lecturer in the UK.  I teach a variety of courses from 2nd year Mineralogy, Crystallography and Optical Mineralogy, to Igneous and (sometimes) Metamorphic Petrology.  I have also taught the 1st year (large enrolment of >300) class - Environmental Geology, which is essentially Physical Geology with an environmental spin.
I have to thank you and all of your great colleagues in Portsmouth for the good solid geology background given to me, during my degree.  I don't think I could have managed to teach such a broad spectrum of classes otherwise.

Actually, I am really looking forward to returning to Canada next year, as I am co-organising a geology field trip to Colombia - a country I have yet to visit.  We are hoping to combine Volcanology and Stratigraphy/Palaeontology in the 10 day trip, so it will be a lot of fun.  In the meantime I am really happy for my year in Germany and the chance to work on rocks from the Gardar Province of southern Greenland again.  I also hope to make a return visit to Mt. Etna, as I have had some students working with me on a number of projects over the last 3/4 years.  It is a beautiful place.

Lastly, as I am pretty close to home, it would be great if I got the chance to return to Portsmouth.  It has been many years since I was in the Dept. and I have heard about all of the changes to the City and University.  Hopefully, I will be able to squeeze this in sometime during the year.

Best wishes Brian, and thanks for maintaining the website and contact.
Hope to see you again one day soon.


Hello again Brian, 

Here you are.  In my spare time I have taken to acting in the movie business. Here is a shot of me on set of the Englishman's Boy - a Canadian production that stars Bob Hoskins.  Watch out for this in 2007. [the mustache is not my own!]
Best wishes, 

Prof. Dr. Ian Coulson
Institut für Geowissenschaften
Universität Tübingen
Wilhelmstrasse 56
D-72074 Tübingen

Tel. +49 (0)7071 2973141
Fax. +49 (0)7071 293060

Jonathan Cox - 7
From:               Jonathan.Cox@norfolk.nhs.uk 
Date sent:         15 Aug 2005

Hello Mike,

I  was having at look at the old department to see what you are all up to.  I
see there have been many changes in the staff with lots of new faces but
good to see you are still there.  And shockingly Mike Barker is now head of
the school!  I also see that you have a certain Clive Trueman working there
- I did my A level Geology together with him and Jo Mankelow (terrible hand
writing) many years ago.

I have fond memories of Castellane, Westward Ho! and many other such trips
with Doug, Si Brookes, Jamie, Mike Summers, Gordon Jackson, Sharon, Jackie,
Graham, Pippa, Niccy Tessa, Simon Wilder, Nick Ephgrave and all the others
who did sed and strat.

After Portsmouth I went on to the Reading Uni MSc in Sedimentology in 94,
then moved to Norwich for a PhD at the University of East Anglia in coastal
sediment transport / sediment budgets, post doc'ed in Cambridge Uni for a
couple of years on various EU projects, then moved to the NHS as I was sick
of short contracts.

Firstly I worked in the hospital in Bury St Edmunds then I moved into public
health.  I now work as the epidemiologist for Norfolk, but haven't forgotten
all of my geology you'll be pleased to hear.  I still get out to the
beautiful Norfolk beaches to check on the coastal dynamics, albeit from a
less scientific point of view.  I also became a father 6 months ago when my
partner and I had a baby girl, who keeps us very busy now.  I'm still living
in Norwich which isn't a bad neck of the woods.  We took a car ferry from
Pompey to Brittany back in June, it was good to sail out of the harbour past
Gosport and the IoW, and I could even see my old flat on the seafront.

Hope you've still got Bessy and the Jag, pass on my regards to the staff who
go back a few years.

Best wishes,

Jon Cox

Nicki Hollyoake - 7
Date: 5.9.05 

Hi Brian

Many thanks for the email and for forwarding it on, really appreciate it. This is just a quickie, will write when I have more time, although these days that seems very seldom!

Very strange to be back in UK and can't wait to get back out to New Zealand. Yes, I've been working there for the last 2 years now. Couldn't get visa through either my geology or oceanography degrees but was sponsored through hospitality trade, believe it or not. very very dull on the mind, but if it keeps me out there, what the hell!

Hope all is well with you and you're still enjoying retirement.

Best wishes

Nic x

Gordon Jackson - 7

Date: 30.8.05

thanks brian - nicky emailed me the same message - hopefully i'll be able to go up to meet her for a few hours - will be nice to catch up!

i start at miltoncross school this thursday as Head of Science - how daunting? all i know is that the science dept did rubbish in this years gcse results, so there's hope for me yet! the school is so unorganised that i dont have a clue as to what i'm doing on thursday - i only know i start then because someone told me unofficially! maybe the new headteacher will start kicking some bums as he's new the same day as me. just hope he doesnt kick mine!
take care


Date: 9.6.06

hi Brian

hope you're ok etc.

Tell you the truth, i've been so busy at work, I'd forgotten about the website. what's the address again please?

As for me at work - to keep you updated so you can add the info - left Warblington School in Havant in summer 2005 to start at Miltoncross School in Portsmouth for Sept 2005 as Head of Science. Manic job - a dept full of newly qualified teachers, all the schemes of work needing updating and re-writing, policies and procedures to put into place etc. Seem to have done ok at it - we'll find out on results day!

I've moved house so as to move in with my other half Christine. Now living in Anchorage Park in her house whilst we search for another mansion to live in.

One of my student teachers this half term has just finished her palaeobiology degree, based in the dept! small world eh? she said that the 'old' dept as we know it has moved out from burnaby! i think she had some of her facts wrong somehow! she spoke of Mike Barker being that 'big godly type head of dept' type figure! ha! I told her some stories to correct that story. Pete Hall's son is living in a house in Southsea with an ex colleague and a (now qualified) student teacher who worked under me at Warblington. the world is getting smaller! 

Christine and I popped down to Cornwall for 3 nights at the start of last half term. we stayed at the posh B+B 'Rosario' at the end of the causeway over to St Michaels Mount - our window view was amazing! we strolled over to the Mount, but, as I hadn't seeked permission in the weekday before to go on the foreshore, they wouldn't let me on it, despite my pleading! so we went up the Mount instead - amazing views again, and a perfect one of the foreshore. How I wish I was still working on it doing my dissertation still! memories......!

got to go - friends arrived for a BBQ. take care

Keep in touch


Date: 20.01.07

Hi Brian

Happy new year etc to you and your family.

I hope you are fine and in good health after your recent-ish 'un-healthy scares'.

a quick update about me........

I started at Miltoncross School in Portsmouth as Head of Science in Sept 2005. Its good fun - long hours, but rewarding. The school received 'notice to improve' last October, so they'll be back in Oct 2007 - oh joy! my school email is gjackson@miltoncross.portsmouth.sch.uk

I got engaged to Christine last August. She's a Deputy Head of a local Portmouth Junior School. One day we'll plan a wedding! I moved out from my house in Baffins last May and now live with Christine in her house in Anchorage Park, in Portsmouth. One day, when we find the 'ideal' house, we'll move!

Feel free to post my school info etc onto the website.

take care, and keep in touch.


3 May 2011

. Hi Brian
I hope everything is all well with you. I'm certainly busy - my daughter is now 11, Harry is 3 and a half, and Max is one next week. I've nearly finished my Masters Dissertation for my MA (Ed), and have a job interview on Friday (promotion hopefully!). Who needs sleep eh!?




Louis Jacobs - 8

From:               "Jacobs, Louis/LON" <ljacobs@ch2m.com>

Date sent:        14 Jan 1999

Hello Nick,

I hope you are well and fully rested after the Christmas break?

I am again contacting you to ask if I can use you as a reference. I
became very tired of commuting from Cambridge to London every day which
took me on average about four hours a day to CH2M HILL (who you will
recall that you gave me a reference for earlier this year) and applied
for a job not really expecting to move as I have only been with CH2M
for eight months. But once I had sent off my CV they asked me for an
interview and the rest is as they say academic.

My new job will be working as a Environmental Management System
Assessor for Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (part of the Lloyds
Register Group). I will be home based and will not have to catch a
train to work every day although they give me a company car so I will
do a far amount of driving around. The job will also involve a lot of
foreign travel which is good.

I do not need you to give me a reference for the job itself as my soon
to be ex-employer has already done that. I need to give the names etc.
of two people for security clearance for the MOD which are a client of
LRQA and they have to responsible people who have known me for over
two years - this is where you come in! I have got your contact details
of the Internet and will pass them to LRQA if that is ok. with you?

Do you have any contact with any other students from the first AEG

Many thanks,

Louis Jacobs


Gita Jaworak (Etamadi) - 7
Date: 3.2.04 
From: GitaJaworek@vtis.com

Hi Brian

Hope you are OK. Lovely to hear from you. I am working for a private company called VT Careers Management Southern funded by Connexions.
I have missed Geology so much but as you know I wasn't good at it. I hope one day I go back to it. I am hoping to emigrate to Canada with my husband and my daughter who is 6 . Hope to see you sometimes.
Best wishes


Chris Jones - 7

Date : 20.08.08

Dear Brian and Joyce!

 It has been so very long since I have been in contact with you and I do feel extremely remiss.  I have been living and working in Bergen since December 2004 - having taught in Guernsey for a year and 8,5 years at Loretto in Edinburgh, followed by 2,5 years doing geology tours in Mull.  I taught at the International School in Bergen as Head of Science and also taught maths (teaching alongside Katy Penny - from Alvøen), but left last year due to a very unhappy atmosphere at the school; many others have subsequently followed me!  I am now working with a Scot married to a Norwegian, restoring old buildings.  I started the Bergen Pipe Band and we are 18 strong now and are kept very busy.  I am a co-founder of the Bergen Scottish Society and we also have a good amount of activities throughout the year.  I am hoping to marry my Norwegian girlfriend soon and in due course spend time both here in Bergen and down in Normandy where I still have a home which I have restored from a ruin.

 Are you ever in Norway?  It would be so nice to see you again!  I still remember how much you helped me whilst at Portsmouth and I am so very grateful for all of your kindness and encouragement - especially during the year that I had to retake my exams - whilst teaching full time at Rannoch School!  If you ever are here in Norway - or wish to have a free holiday in Normandy, it would be great to see you both.  My home in Normandy is available for large parts of the year and I would be delighted if you would like to stay there for free.  Mum and Dad have their home just across the farm track.  It is only 1 hour from Caen - Ouistreham (Ferry terminal) and is in beautiful countryside.  Mum and Dad now spend most of the year in France, though still have our home in Mull - where they return to several times in the year.

 I do hope to see you again and hear from you in due course!  Do you have any contact details for Mike Ryan?

Very best wishes to you both,

 Chris Jones, Lægdene 46A, 5096, Bergen, Norway

 email: chris@bergen-scottish.com

Web: www.bergen-scottish.com




Elizabeth Jones - 8

From:               e-jones@dfid.gtnet.gov.uk
Date sent:          Wed, 22 Jul 1998
To:                 Nick.Walton@port.ac.uk, William.Murphy@port.ac.uk
Subject:            Hello from Zimbabwe!

Hi Nick and Bill
This is Liz Jones (AEG 1993).  I'm writing because I am currently
attempting to join CIWEM on the route to becoming a Chartered
Engineer.  They need transcripts of the degree course content and I
was wondering if you could email these to me.  I've got the bumpf (?!)
from the internet but if you have anything else that shows the degree
in an extra-ordinary Engineering type light (!!) that would be
brilliant.  I need to become a Chartered Engineer in order to further
my career with DFID (Department for International Development,
formerly ODA). I am currently working as an Assistant Engineering
Adviser in Zimbabwe and am just about to embark on practical
placements which basically involve being field based on rural water
supply and sanitation projects for the first bit and then on a rural
roads programme in Mozambique later in the year.  All great stuff and
I'm really enjoying the work.
I've been offered a job in Dhaka,
Bangladesh starting in January so have to make my mind up by tomorrow
on that one -fab job as working with DFID and WaterAid but the place
is hectic -especially in comparison to Harare!!!
Rich is well and in
Australia at the mo on a 4 month jolly with the Oz army!
Hope you are
both well and enjoying life.
Best Wishes
Liz Jones
AEG 1993

Pip Keefe (Wilmer) - 7

From:               Pip_KEEFE@paribas.com

Date sent:           28 Jan 1999

Hi Mike,

If the email address is confusing you I finally did it last year and
changed my name from Pip Wilmer to Pip Keefe.  The whole thing seemed to
involve words such as "I Will", large white dresses, sobbing mothers,
forgotten bouquets, lots of wine and a rather gorgeous long holiday.  How
are you and how is the department?  Hopefully all is well.  Simon and I are
fine/happy!  I am currently working on the trading floor of an investment
bank near Regents Park developing COM/DCOM software, whilst Simon is
happily ensconced in the same company working his way up.  We live very
close to my mother in a small bungalow that happens to have half an acre of
garden attached to it.  The pair of us are currently developing our green
fingers and have spent the last few weekends preparing a vegetable garden
and a fruit garden.  Whilst on honeymoon we bought some beautiful teak
garden furniture which has finally arrived by ship and looks incredible -
now all we need is a decent summer.  Talking of honeymoons we went to Bali
and after years of following tutors up the sides of DEAD volcanoes I
finally managed to clamber up the sides of a REAL one - WOW - WOW - WOW!!!
Needless to say that half of the photograph album is dedicated to pictures
of it.  We also went to Thailand (like I said - rather a long holiday for
which we're still paying) and the minerals were incredible.  Simon has
finally accepted that whilst I may have changed the direction of my career
I still have a love of the outdoors and traipsing through mud just to have
a look at some outcrop half a mile off the beaten track.  I'm hoping to be
in Portsmouth on Tuesday - will you be around?



Martin Muckle - 8

Date sent:        22 Jul 1999

Dear Nick,
                    Howz about this for a blast from the past!!  I
everything is going well in your part of the country.  I am trying to
get some info on something we did but will give you an update before
launching into it.

As you know I undertook a teaching course.  It was a 2 year job in
broad- balanced science at Keele, and bloody good it was too.  I
suddenly found study easy and enjoyable and wow-ed everybody.
Afterwards I married and moved to a part of the world I think you are
familiar with - Doha, Qatar.  I spent 2 years there teaching secondary
physics and am now back with a job in September as the science teacher
at Westminster Abbey Choir School.  So, enough about me.  Anil is
working freelance in Watford putting together legal bills for legal
aid (or something).  He has just begun a law degree. Liz spent a
couple of years in Zimbabwe as a ground water specialist (I believe)
as part of an Overseas Development Agency gig.  She is now working on
a similar affair in Bangladesh, although I haven't had an e-mail from
her in a few months so I not sure what's going on.  Kevin got married
to his long-term sweetheart a couple of years ago. As far as I know he
is running a print shop/factory (don't quote me).  Adonis Chris
apparently got taken on as 'office boy' in a geology based company and
had so much time on his hands that he taught himself how to use a
piece of complicated software that had been sitting around for ages
and was rapidly promoted  -  good for him. From what I understand John
has had a chequered career, last I heard (a few years ago now he had
just been fired from a geology based job for inadequate interpersonal
skills (ahem).  Chips is extremely happy as a travelling 'sailsman'
(excuse the pun).  Apparently he is just that, moving around the
country selling sails, which obviously involves a lot of practical
demonstration suiting him down to the ground.

That is about the extent of my knowledge of your past tutees.

Meanwhile, I am doing some research on toxic waste reprocessing and
was wondering if you could give me a contact address/phone number/
e-mail of the public relations officer at the plant we visited at
Southampton ( which, incidentally, I still don't believe deserved an
award for their eco-friendly architecture as we all know that they
would not have been granted planning permission if any of their
buildings had risen above tree height.  If anybody deserves the award
it is the local planning authority.  It's lucky for the public
relations guy that day that I knew he was only doing his job, and I
was hungover).

Any help much appreciated,


Martin Muckle


Mark Purdy - 7

10 September, 2012

Hi Brian,
Many apologies for the delay in reply to your kind note.  It difficult to believe it’s nearly 20 years since I left Portsmouth.  I still have fond memories of the course, especially doing my final year thesis in Cornwall.  So the potted version of the last 19 years:
Straight after Pompey I did the MSc in Petroleum Geology at Imperial.  I came out in 1994 and joined the ranks of the underemployed geologist.  After 9 months of working in the back office of an investment bank I obtained a job as a technical assistant in the Petroleum Services Group of Arthur Andersen (now Deloitte).  I had been offered a job mud logging up in Aberdeen but they wanted me to sign a contract that if I left before 4 years I would have to pay them £5,000!  Walked out of that one!  The team at Arthur Andersen was a strong techno-economic consultancy who undertook a lot of commercial analysis and valuation of field and companies plus consulting work.  I worked my way up and by 1998 was running the European team and as the business underwent a major expansion I set up the business in West Africa notably Angola.  After that was up and running I was then sent to set up with the office in South America so I spent quite a bit of time in Rio de Janeiro and then Bolivia. 
After that I went into merger and acquisitions for a specialist Canadian oil and gas investment bank (boo – hiss!!).  That was an experience.  As well as the usual North Sea stuff I spent quite a long time down in South Africa and Mozambique working to finance and find partners for the project to export Mozambique gas to South Africa.  For most of this I was predominately doing commercial and financial work (sorry guys!). 
Well just about when I got to the point of decking one of banker types I was poached by IHS CERA to come and set up a new ventures and advisory team for them.  That was most interesting work with client base being a mixture of European independents, Asian national oil companies, Middle Eastern money and gas companies.  This work took me all over Europe, the Middle East, India and NE Asia including spending a fair bit of time in Beijing.  The type of work varied from early cycle (exploration and appraisal so I did quite a bit of geology there) to aggregating undeveloped gas together in West Africa to create a liquefied natural gas project. 
IHS also did a lot of work for institutions such as the World Bank and governments.  The governmental work was mainly about advising and drafting upstream fiscal and contractual terms.  This took me back to Mozambique, Suriname and Barbados (enjoyed that one!).  After nearly seven years at IHS CERA I did a job for Statoil at the end of which they invited me to join them. 
For Statoil I was the commercial manager responsible for the US$1,000 million bid for 5 pre-salt licences in Angola (that took stress to a different level!).  The pre-salt in the South Atlantic (mainly Brazil) is most interesting; it’s producing oil from stromatolites (i.e. Tiger Bay, Oz).  Despite what anyone might say the discovery of this enormous play was entirely serendipity– I know the geo who found it! 
Currently at Statoil I’m the business development manager for Europe and Asia-Pacific.  This has been most interesting working which has covered the more conventional North Sea stuff, Floating Liquefied Natural Gas project in SE Asia through to unconventional (producing gas and liquids from shale).  I’ve run a number these unconventional projects which have been really interesting but it does require you to revise at lot of your previous thinking regarding petroleum geology.  It might seem rather stranger but I am the only geologist in Statoil’s front line business development team. 
So, hope all well at the old place.
Best wishes


Mike Summers -7

Date sent:       27 Nov 2000

Hi Mike
Just a quick note to see how you are and to thank you once again for your
very kind gift!!
We had a wonderful wedding day despite the fact that it rained terribly!
All the best!!
Mike & Natt

Mike Summers
Information Systems Manager
E: mike.summers@softel.co.uk <mailto:mike.summers@softel.co.uk>
T: +44 118 984 2151
W: www.softel.co.uk <http://www.softel.co.uk/>

Date: 11.11.02
From: mike@electronicfarm.com

Hi Brian

Good to hear that you are alive and well and still in touch with some of
our peers! I am glad Simon gave you my email address and it's great that
you managed to pass it on to everyone else.

Well, I don't know how much you know of what has happened to me but I'll
try to summarise as best I can.

I got married to Natalie (Portsmouth geology graduate!!) in October 2000
and we moved to Mallorca for 18 months, where I got a job working for a
software company called the Electronic Farm. They produce editing and
effects software for the TV industry. I got the chance to start and run
the UK office of the electronic farm so I am currently doing that and
really enjoying it, despite the early starts and daily commute to Soho!

I don't hear from many of the old gang although I see Simon on a regular
basis and still manage the odd night out with Pete Hall, if you know
what I mean!!

Anyway Brian, I have to rush! Let me know what you have been up to. I
would love to catch up with everyone soon so I will drop Jo an email.
Speak soon,

Mike Summers
Head of UK Operations
The electronic Farm
The Cobalt Building
19-20 Noel Street
London W1F 8GW
T: +44 (0) 207 763 5930
F: +44 (0) 207 763 5932
E: mike@electronicfarm.com

W: www.electronicfarm.com

Date sent:      27 Oct 2004

Please welcome our lovely daughter, Amélie Jane Summers.
Born 17:50 on Wednesday 13th October 2004. Weight 9 pounds 8.5 ounces.
Both mother and baby are doing well!!

Mike, Natalie & Amélie x

Nicola Tessen - 7

Date: 23.8.02 
From: nicola@petrelworkflow.com

Dear Brian,

I am really bad at keeping in touch, so I will try to make up with a long
letter to tell you all about the last 6 months in my life!

Let me tell you all about Oman.  I was lucky enough to be able to go to
Oman for 3 months at the start of March.  It was usually 45 degrees C and
around 80 percent humidity!   I was Working for a company called PDO which
is a part of Shell.  I was there with Technoguide (my company), doing
consulting, training people and doing support.  I seemed to go on a 'steep
learning curve'!  So things were frantic but that meant that time flew by
so very fast.  But I seemed to get used to it fairly soon and really
enjoyed it by the end.  They kept me very busy in Oman, the last 3-4 weeks
mostly with 12 to 15 hour days!  However it was fun, lots of variety and it
meant that I was never bored, and never wishing I could be back home.  So
that's good.  Time just flew by so fast, 3 months just disappeared.

The beaches there were wonderful, lovely golden sand, and the sea warmed up
to a great refreshing temperature that you could sit in for ages and not
get cold, but burn mostly!  The snorkeling just around the coast there was
great, I even saw a turtle on one snorkel, along with all the usual, just

The diving there in Oman was fantastic.  It warmed up by the end, at first
it was very, very cold indeed and I was shivering after 30 minutes in the
water, can you believe that?  In 40 degrees plus and I was cold!  By the
end of my three months stay there the water had heated up a bit, it was a
bit like Egypt, it just got a bit cold by the end of the dives.  The
visibility was a bit poor, although got better, up to around 20m by the end
of May.  But there was a lot of life, loads of fish, all the usual Red Sea
sort, but with lots more eels of differing sizes and turtles, enormous
moray eels, loads of triggerfish especially picasso triggers, unlike the
Red Sea, a lot of those small cow fish and box fish.  There were some of
the biggest lobsters I have ever seen and quite a few of the reef
cuttlefish, these are amazing, changing colours and hovering, they looked
like UFOs!

In June I got back to Aberdeen, good old grey and cold but familiar
Aberdeen!  Actually it was nice to be back, even though it has almost not
stopped raining since my return.  It has been a really poor summer here.  I
think that down in London you are having a much better time of the summer
with very hot days and sun.

Well Work is going well although there seems to be a lack of consultancy
for us this month as a lot of people are away on holiday just now.  But
that does not mean that we are not doing anything, there is always
something to do and the job keeps us all very busy.
T'hats about all for now.
I hope all is well.
Take Care


Nicola Tessen, Reservoir Geologist
Petrel - Understanding the subsurface.
Petrel Software Limited, Suite E12, Davidson House, Campus 1,
Aberdeen Science and Technology Park, Balgownie Drive, Aberdeen AB22 8GT
nicola@petrelworkflow.com  http://www.petrelworkflow.com
Phone +44 1224 357275, Fax +44 1224 357279



Alison Darlow (Morgan) - 8

Date sent:          Thu, 15 Jun 00 15:31:34
Subject:            Reunion and Contact Details
To:                 <NICK.WALTON@PORT.AC.UK>

From: Alison Darlow
       Environmental Protection Officer
       Ext. 1399
Subject: Reunion and Contact Details

Further to our chat today I have listed below the contact e-mail
addresses for everyone I know. We are having a reunion do on the 15
July. Nothing has been booked yet but envisage we shall book up to
have a meal somewhere and extend the invite to any of our lecturers
that remember us and wish to join us. I will let you know when
something has been decided, but if you could pass the word around I
would be grateful.

Justine.De.Forest@msdw.com Richardmcaree@hotmail.com                
      Jonsmith94@hotmail.com Andrew.Kinsey@eu.bovislendlease.com     
       Janeg@geotechnical.co.uk Gareth_giles-knopp@exe.com

If I get any more I shall forward them to you.


Alison Darlow (ne Morgan)
AEG - 1994


Justine de Forest - 8

Date sent:          Wed, 31 Jul 2002
From:               Justine De Forest <Justine.De.Forest@morganstanley.com>
Organization:       Morgan Stanley
To:                 nick.walton@port.ac.uk

Hi Nick,

I'd like to say that I am mailing purely for social reasons to catch
up on the goings on at Portsmouth Uni, but unfortunately as with most
things in life I am prompted to make contact for other reasons.
However the net result is the same and it gives me a chance to update
you on my progress since leaving as well as updates on any others I
still get news from.  We are quite lucky actually that AEG '94 still
maintain a lot of contact somehow linking up with most people to hear
how everyone is doing.

I am currently in the process of applying to do an MBA and therefore
need an academic reference from yourself to attach to the application.
I am applying quite late in the year so need this asap to have the
best chance of getting one of the last remaining places still
available.  I really would appreciate a quick turn around in order to
get my application in, perhaps you could return the completed
reference form to me by e-mail with a signed copy to follow in the
post so that I can get it in at the end of the week.  I can send you
an SAE for the paper copy to ensure there is no expense to yourself, I
realise university funding is a very valuable commodity.

Please feel free to be as brief as you like in the reference, I have
indicated in the appropriate fields that I left Uni in 1994 and
contact since has been extremely limited, if you don't feel that you
can answer some of the questions then please just let them know on the
form.  Other work related references are also being put forward which
will give more detailed and up to date information.  The reference
form is attached and I will state my contact details below.

I'm not sure what information you have on everyone's progress so I'll
give some summaries, I am still currently working at Morgan Stanley in
Canary Wharf but looking to get a broader range of experience of the
business world by doing an MBA.

Richard McAree - Consultancy in Southampton in waste management -
management. Vicky Williams - Team leader hydrogeologist with EA Nr
Warwick. Jane Allum - Now mother of 'Andrew' back working for
consultancy in Leamington Spa - Team leader. Andy Goddard - Manager in
consultancy in contaminated land. Gareth Giles Knopp- Manager -
project management for Swisslog. Jon Smith- Recently married-
consultancy based in London Helen Ainsbury- Sevenoaks Council -
Manager - contaminated land. Richard Arkle- Still with Monarch
airlines - Pilot Ben Manning- Petroleum company - travels a lot to
South America Andrew Kinsey- Manager contaminated land consultancy
(London based) Emma - Now mother of three (or soon to be) Kester
Brophy - Obtained Mphil for work in Gold speculation in Australia -
now works in Cardiff. Steve Buckley, Dave Roberts and Alison Morgan
are all still in Portsmouth so you probably know more than I do.

I'm afraid many of these descriptions are brief because some of it is
hearsay and the detail gets forgotten but also because we don't
necessarily discuss the job much when we meet up, but everyone seems
to be doing very well for themselves.

Thanks in advance for the reference, I have thought hard about doing
the MBA and I am really looking forward to the challenge.

Many Thanks

Justine De Forest
AEG 1994

Simon Johnson - 7

Date: 10.8.05

I am fine and doing well, although its getting rather too hot here in 
Japan this summer. I need to get away to go somewhere cooler!

Well just to let you know I have my own web site up and running and all 
my papers are available for download amongst other things. It also 
details what I'm up to, what I've done etc and what I'm about to get up to 
! I'm looking forward to a conference in Perth Australia at the end of 
September (Supercontinents and Earth Evolution Symposiums).

the web site address is as follows


Date sent: 12.09.06

Dear Friends and colleagues

I would like to let you know that from the 9th October I will no longer 
be residing in Japan but will be moving to a permanent position at the 
Geological Survey of Western Australia. My new address and email are as 

Geological Survey of Western Australia
Mineral House
100 Plain Street
East Perth
WA 6004

Email: simon.johnson@doir.wa.gov.au


1st March 2010

Hi Brian
I hope you are in good health and enjoying life? Very good to see you are up to date with the latest technology!! As for me, well I am fine and enjoying life. I am still living in Perth, Australia and working for the Geological Survey of Western Australia as a senior geologist. Times are exciting as the government has been pumping a LOT of money into the survey in order to stimulate the mining industry. We have money to do pretty much any research we like. This year we have a deep seismic survey being run through the Gascoyne Province so that will keep us busy for the next couple of years I am sure. Heather Howard is still here and is doing good things in the Musgrave Province.



Andrew Kinsey - 8

Date sent:        6 Mar 2002


Chris forwarded me your email message, and I thought I would get in
touch too with news and also to give you my contact details. I've also
copied this to Ben's email, who I haven't spoke to for some time!

I'm in regular contact with Chris, and am going to his Wedding in Rome
this May.

I'm working for Bovis Lend Lease (since August 99) as an Environmental
Manager (number two in a team of three!). We are one of the largest
construction companies in the UK and operate throughout the world. My
team's remit is Europe, Middle East and Asia, although the majority of
work in the UK and the EU keeps us busy.

I get involved in different construction projects providing advice on
subjects as diverse as contaminated land and waste management to noise

My parents always used to tell me that if I didn't work hard, I would
end up being a dustman. Now I just provide advice on managing waste!

Recent/current projects have included BBC White City and Broadcasting
House redevelopments, The new Scottish Parliament building in
Edinburgh, a number of new hospitals (Halifax, Worcester and Hexham)
being built under the Government's Private Finance Initiative.

I also run various environmental training courses for our staff
(approximately 1 per week now!). Currently we are finishing off
revisions to our environmental management systems in preparation for
certification to ISO14001. (Procedures are really dull!)

Sorry to hear about the demise of the AEG course and changes to the
department. Its perhaps a reflection of the state of play in the wider
world - pay levels in IT can be astronomical, making it more difficult
to recruit staff in other areas - we have similar problems in
construction. Hope you don't feel too downhearted by it all though.


Andrew Kinsey, Environmental Manager
Bovis Lend Lease Europe, 142 Northolt Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA2 0EE
Tel: 0208 276 2567    Fax: 0208 276 2672 Mob: 07748 961 671 E-mail:

Date: 19.09.06

Brian. Thanks for the email. Hope you are keeping well and enjoying retirement.

By way of an update, I’m still with Bovis Lend Lease, based in Harrow, although I’m now in charge of a team of 5. I also achieved my Chartered Environmentalist Status last year with IEMA.

Work is still varied. In January 2006 I spent a week all expenses paid in Brazil looking at forests and plywood manufacturing facility used by one of our concrete contractors. This was fun but not typical work! When not in the office I’m out visiting our sites around the UK from Helston in Cornwall to South Lanarkshire in Scotland. I’ve also had some involvement in the Olympics programmes which need to be built in the next few years. Plenty to keep busy with!!

I was just in Portsmouth last week for the first time since our reunion in 2000, at the Naval base for one of our military contracts. We’re also looking at a redevelopment of the former Tricorn Centre at the moment, so it’s possible I might be visiting the south coast again regularly quite soon with any luck. Still using some of the Environmental Geology – the site looks like it might be contaminated!

On a personal front, I got married in 2003 to Gill and we had a son (Nicholas) on January 1st 2005.  He was born 2 months early, which was a bit of a shock at the time.  I’ve attached a photo of us on holiday in France. We’re expecting No 2. in mid February 2007. We moved to a 3 bedroom house in Tring, which following an extension is now a four bedroom house – just in time for the new baby!

I am still in touch with Chris Rolfe, and see him every few months (we have a large construction project in Cambridge right now, and Chris’s department is adjacent our site). He and his wife Emanuella who live in Ely are godparents to Nicholas. Have lost contact with the others for now – especially Ben Manning who seems to have vanished!



Andrew Kinsey | Senior Environmental Manager | Bovis Lend Lease
T +44 (0)20 8271 8962 | F +44(0)20 8271 8034 | M +44(0)7736 595 061 | Mobex 38049
142 Northolt Road, Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom HA2 0EE


Chris Rolfe - 8

From:               "Chris Rolfe" <cjr46@hermes.cam.ac.uk>

Date sent:        6 Feb 2002

Dear Nick

How are you?

Just a quick e-mail to ask do you have a list of e-mail addresses for the AEG-ers that
graduated from my year i.e 1994?

I can also take this opportunity to update you on my career and life developments. Well
on the career front I am now employed as the Senior Research Technician for the
Quaternary Palaeoenvrionments Group, Godwin Institute for Quaternary Research,
University of Cambridge.
This job entails using all the skills and experience I obtained fron the AEG course. My
main role is to train and assist MPhil and Phd students with their fieldwork and follow-up
analysis. Also involves carrying out research work for Academic and Research Staff
and visiting scholars. Occasionally get to work along side archaeological units,
Environment Agency as well as various Councils.

I am also the Senior Research Technician for the Department of Geography's Physical
Geography Laboratories, University of Cambridge. This job entails training and assisting
the Geography MPhil and Phd students with their fieldwork and analysis. Also have to
give a few practical and field classes to Geography BSc students who have chosen
Physical Geography options.

At the time of the re-union we had 1.5 years ago I was then working for a commercial
Environmental Laboratory and Consultants as an Environmental Analyst. The job I have
now with the University of Cambridge is thoroughly enjoyable and I get to do tons of
fieldwork and labwork...EXACTLY LIKE THE AEG COURSE!!!

On the life front away from career, I am about to move to the City of Ely in the Heart of
The Fens. Also in May this year I am getting married to an Italian in Rome.

Hope you are well, would love to hear news on how the course is going and news on
fellow AEG-ers from my year.

Hear from you soon

Best regards
Chris Rolfe

P.S. I hope the current batch of AEG-ers are enjoying the course as much as I did and
the fellow 1994 AEG graduates.



Melissa Wareham (Johnson) - 7

21 July 2011


"Hi Brian, yes I'm in Brisbane and enjoying it. Luckily we weren't affected by the floods. Work is busy and I'll definitely post something on the Portsmouth website. There is a demand for geos out here at the moment, do you know of any looking for work? Pleased to hear you are keeping well!"





Gareth Condy - 8

Date sent:        13 Oct 2004

Further to my phone call this morning, my purpose in ringing was to
enquire if Portsmouth provide any courses that are RICS approved? As
you can see from my details below I have, as of earlier this year,
moved into property. I can explain the reason for my enquiry when we
talk. Trust that you are well. Best regards,

Gareth J Condy  MSc BSc AIEMA
Senior Environmental Consultant

AEG 1995

Environmental Services Department, GVA Grimley
Direct Dial: 0121 609 8874
Fax: 0121 609 8007
E-mail: gareth.condy@gvagrimley.co.uk
Mobile 07876 476225

Web: www.gvagrimley.co.uk - National Number: 0870 900 89 90

Tanya Badenhorst (Featherstone) - 7

Date: 11.6.04


Better fill you in on all our news before i forget.  We recently moved to Ireland as my husband got a job at the Lisheen Mine with Anglo American.  You probably know but it is a lead zinc mine and they think it is a MVT deposit.  There is a possibility that i may get some contract work at the mine and so am having to start brushing up on my sedimentary notes and MVT deposits.  If you have any information available to email it would be gratefully received!  Or if you know of any good geological web sites that are informative rather than just basic and general then that would be great too.  I remember covering MVTs when i was in portsmouth - but to be honest it is all a bit of a haze right now!!  Mike Ryan would be cross!
On the personal side our daughter Jessica is fantastic - now 5 months old - born 5th Jan.  Cant believe how fast the time goes!

Kind Regards

Date: 24.10.05

Hi Brian

I am fine thanks.  Working almost full time now.  I currently work for
Aurum Exploration - Irish consultancy.  Am fairly busy on the logging
of all of Lisheen Mines surface drilling.  It can get fairly
monotonous but its only 10 mins from home and very flexible.  Possibly
going to get a few other opportunities around Ireland next year and
maybe even short stints back in Africa - will have to see.

Hope you are all well over there.  Do you have any up to date info on
where others from my year are working?  Would love an update.



Natalie Goodchild (Menzies) - 7

Date: 11.8.05

From graduating I joined Veritas (Digicon as it was then) in Aug 1995 and
worked in the Land Processing Dept.  Volunteered to go with the start up
team for the centre in the UAE (Abu Dhabi) where I lived, worked and scuba
dived until 1999.
I then fancied a change and got offered a position in Veritas' Australia
centre in Brisbane training the local processors in land processing and
also processing a large 2D & 3D land project they had in house.  I loved it
in Oz but after 6 months I had the choice of either staying for 4 years in
Oz but moving with the centre to Perth (which hadn't grabbed me when I
visited) or relocate back to Abu Dhabi (which I felt I had been and done)
or come back to the UK office.  I chose to come back to the UK office via a
couple of stops on route and made it back in time to spend the Millennium
in Norway.
I worked in the Pre-stack Depth group for 4 months when I arrived back in
the UK and then back to the Land dept.  In 2001 I decided for another
change and went for a position in the EAME regional Marketing group.  It
was initially for a 2 year period but at the beginning of 2004 I was
promoted to replace a Marketing Manager for the UK, North Sea and Norway
and hence stayed in the Marketing dept.  At the beginning of 2005 the
Marketing dept was split and I am now in the Sales dept.
So now I have been with Veritas for 10 years...... time flies!

The photo is of me by a vibroseis, which I got to drive in the Oman desert.  It was taken when I was out
there visiting our crews whilst I was living and working in Abu Dhabi.


10 August 2010

Hi Brian,

So sorry I have taken so long to reply to your message on my wall.

I am doing well and am currently 'celebrating' 15 years with my company (now CGGVeritas).

I decided to have a change of direction in 2007/8 and did a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Communications with the Chartered Institute of Marketing in London. Took me back to my Pompy days as I had assignments and lots of 3 hour exams!! Was worth it as I moved from Sales to an Internal Communications position ... which I really enjoy.

Hope all is well with you!





Heather Howard (Stubbs) - 7

10 March 2010

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your email, it is good to hear from you. Since graduating in 1995 (BSc Geology) and then again in 2000 (PhD), I have been living in Perth and have worked for the Geological Survey of Western Australia for most of that time. I’m a senior geologist in the Regional mapping branch and I am working on the Proterozoic rocks of the Musgrave Province (central Australia – about 200 km west of Uluru (Ayres Rock) I love the contrast of working in the desert and living by the ocean but apart from that the Musgraves is a geologically interesting area. We have mapped a variety of rocks from high grade metamorphics to large mafic-ultramafic intrusions (part of the Warakurna large igneous province) and their potentially associated volcanics. I am also continuing my PhD interests, although not in Zimbabwe, but with the mafic geochemistry of the Warakurna LIP. On a more personal note Jonathan Howard (BSc Geology graduate – 1999) and I have been married for almost 10 years and we have a 3 year old daughter. Jon works as a resuscitation educator at one of the main hospitals. We are both currently working part-time so we can keep the life-work-fieldwork balance.

Best wishes

Heather Howard (née Stubbs)



James Hughes - 8
Date sent:        26 Jun 2004


Just a quick note to say hello after so many years. Jai sent me your
e-mail address, apparently your trying to collect some contact details
for people hence me sending in mine......

Hope things are going well down in Portsmouth, i still like to pop
down now and again to see the old place, although the last 9 odd years
have made the place look a lot different.

After graduating i spent a few years travelling and working for the
TA, before eventually getting a job working for an environmental
consultancy in London. I only lasted about 18 months when the poor pay
and working conditions made me jump into an IT job (or should i say
career!!). Anyway after 4 years in IT I spent another year travelling
(SE Asia and Australisia) then went to Afghanistan for most of 2003
first with the TA then the UN. I've just started yet another career
and am currently training to be a police officer in the Met (hopefully
this career will last a little longer than the previous attempts).

Anyway please say hello to Bill for me.... if he's still there and
remembers me.




Dustin Lister - 7

Date: 21.03.06

Hey Brian,

Great to see you are keeping the contacts going and I hope retirement keeps you busy and well. I’m betting you are missing those geology trips ? I must admit I really miss them and am so jealous of all the graduates who have found jobs that keep them in the field.

After Portsmouth I spent a year at Keele taking a Masters in computing for Earth Sciences, then went on to a Fina sponsored PhD at Imperial mixing Structural Geology with computing. I became something of a geek (if I wasn’t one already) cramming my head with computer jargon and writing software for all sorts of geologic problems, structural framework modeling, fluid flow analysis, ray tracing, etc. and stayed on at Imperial till 2002 as a post doc writing mostly visualisation codes to help the research groups see pretty pictures of their results and building up the EGTTC which I hope is still going – it was a training centre for mid-career people in all aspects of petroleum exploration. It was very challenging but also very rewarding and I was lucky to continue working with exceptional colleagues.

In 2002 I felt the pull of industry and joined Schlumberger. Initially in Gatwick and the last 2 years in Houston, I have continued in development writing the next generation of modeling tools and depth imaging codes which will begin to go commercial in the next few years. I’ve been managing and building a team for the last year ready to catch the upturn in E&P making my free time evaporate even further, juggling people politics and learning as much about new technologies as possible. I’m still enjoying it especially because the ‘old grey matter’ is still racing but I must admit I am looking forward to the day I retire at 40 !! I can go look at rocks again although I’ll have written a virtual world by then so I don’t have to brave the bad weather !

Still trying to find enough time to play golf, and my girlfriend keeps dropping hints about marriage but I somehow manage to remain that ‘rabbit eyed’ 19 year old staring inquisitively ahead at life wondering what to do next.

Do keep in touch, its great to know you and all the Portsmouth crowd are well and making waves wherever they go.

Take Care





Harris Lucas - 7

Date: 18.04.06

Dear Brian

After leaving Portsmouth with my BSc Geology in hand, I headed to University of Leicester to complete an MSc in Mineral Exploration. I completed my thesis in the Southern African country of Botswana on Cu-Ni mineralisation and little did I know at that time I would spend the next 7 years living in Francistown, NE Botswana. After completing my spell with Falconbridge Ltd, I joined a small Canadian junior for a year on gold and base metal exploration before joining a small Australian gold exploration company, Gallery Gold Ltd.

I spent 5 years with Gallery in Botswana on gold exploration and was a key part of the discovery and development team that brought the Mupane Gold Mine from a grassroots discovery to completion of the Bankable Feasibility Study in 2003 and subsequent first gold pour in 2004

In early 2004 I left Botswana finally and moved to Mwanza on the southern shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania to work on the Lake Victoria Goldfields, still with Gallery Gold. I met my wife (a British Primary School Teacher) in Mwanza and we spent many great holidays and adventures in the Serengeti, Ngorogoro Crater and Zanzibar before getting married on the shores of Lake Victoria in July 2005. A fantastic day with all our families travelling out from the U.K and so many great friends from Mwanza present.

I left Gallery for a career break and to join my wife whilst she taught in Kampala, Uganda. Itching to get back into geology I set myself up as an independent consultant for mining and exploration companies through southern and central Africa and have been working in Tanzania, Botswana and in NE Democratic Republic of Congo (darkest Africa!).

After nearly a year, we decided to leave Uganda and head back South across the Equator to Lusaka, Zambia where I have joined a mineral exploration and hydrogeological consultancy group as GIS and Data Manager. Incidentally the company is owned and run by an ex Portsmouth Geology graduate, Julian Green (1991).

This year will mark a bit a milestone, having now been living and working in Africa for the past 10 years (nearly a third of my life which is quite scary!). We are quite settled, neither of us ready yet to move back to the U.K, to the cold weather and rain.

I can be contacted on hlucas@spidersat.net or harris_lucas@hotmail.com

All the best

21 June 2010

Hi Brian,

Hope you are well. Some news. At the end of December (2009) we left Zambia and spent the next 5 months holidaying in Hout Bay, just south of Cape Town. Unfortunately holidays always have to end....

In January 2009 we celebrated the birth of our little boy, Sebastian, who is not so little anymore, but is great fun.

We are currently based out of the UK for the next couple of months. I am working as a Consulting Geologist for an international mining/mineral exploration consultancy group on a part time basis, spending a lot of time in Tanzania on a uranium project.

All the best



Helen Miller - 7

Date sent:     22 May 1998

Hello Mike

Just had a look at Portsmouth Uni web site - its very impressive.  Thought
i'd let you know how my career path is progressing as its about to change
again for me.

After leaving Uni i did a year offshore in the North Sea as a mudlogger
with Geoservices or 'Geo-circus' as it called. It was an experience i'll
never forget - being on a rig with 70 blokes.  The job was interesting but
pay was terrible.  I meet Neil Sheean (who works for Baker Hughes ) in
Aberdeen a couple of times - he's getting on well.  After being messed about
by Geoservices i decided to try a 9 to 5 so i got a job here as a
geophysicist at Digicon (now Veritas DGC). I worked with Natalie Menzies
who joined a year before me - she showed me the ropes and guided me through
the geophysical world. Natalie is now in the Middle East.  But next week i
leave Veritas and shall work for Western Geophysical who have a large place
in Bedford. I've decided i don't want to live in Crawley and am moving back
home to Luton/Bedford.  Last week Western merged with Baker Hughes so i will
be working for Baker Hughes on their geophysical side. I'm looking forward
to the change.

Melissa Johnson keeps in contact with me and is still working in Australia
as a geologist. She is getting married to a New Zealander later on in the
year but i think she' s having a bit of trouble with immigration.

So that's my career path for now.  I guess i'm lucky to have had jobs which
relate to my degree.  Hope all's well in the geology department.

Date: 21.8.05

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the photo - I recognise most of you.  Hope you are keeping well.
It was lovely to see Sarah and her family at Natalie's last Saturday.  We all had a lovely time catching up on what we've been up to.  I email Melissa in Australia quite a lot and she is still enjoying working out there. We were going to meet up when she was visiting England but I was in labour with Naomi so it didn’t happen.

My two girls keep me very busy.  Sophie Jade is 3 and Naomi Amber is 3 months.  Sophie was born with a rare illness - Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She is double jointed and has a general development delay in everything.  We have had brilliant help from doctors and specialists and she is now making good progress.  She is very easy going and her difficulties don't seem to bother her that much.  Naomi is also doing very well - she even sleeps through the night now.    I will go back to work part time in October as a Planning Technician for Mid Beds District Council.  I really enjoy my job and spending half the week working and half the week with the girls is ideal.  We are going to Cornwall for our holiday  in a couple of weeks time - looking forward to it.
Must go. Take care and keep in touch.


Sarah, Helen and Natalie with families - summer, 2005


Aaron Morley - 8

Date sent:        1 Mar 2005
From:               "Morley, Aaron \(Env. Health\)" <Aaron.Morley@huntsdc.gov.uk>

Dear Nick

It's been around three years since our last exchange of e-mails so I
thought I'd just say a quick hello and ask how you're doing. We last
wrote about my opportunity of starting the MSc course in Contaminated
land with Paul Nathanial at Nottingham.  I decided not to do this
because as you so rightly said, I've done it all already at Portsmouth
in AEG and EG masters.  My previous employers were not so hot on
training, so when I joined the council, I was in danger of just
grabbing any training opportunity even if I didn't really need it!

I'm still only second in command with regard to EPA Part IIA
contaminated land work (can't get rid of the old guy yet!) but I'm
keeping busy with EPA Part I Air Pollution Control work.  So much new
legislation has come in recently!

I see my old AEG class mate, Helen Ainsbury, in local pollution
meetings, as she is the contaminated land officer for our neighbouring
council, Fenland DC.

I guess you've got end of semester exam marking to do so I'll leave
you to it!

Best regards

Aaron Morley - AEG 1995

Environmental Protection Officer
Environmental Health Department
Huntingdonshire District Council
Pathfinder House
St.Mary's Street
PE29 3TN
Tel 01480 388360

Jai Pandya - 8

Date: 22.8.05

After Portsmouth, I went on to the University of Southampton and successfully completed a MSc
in Oceanography (1995-96), specialising in Marine Geology and Geochemistry.
I travelled to India and Nepal for a few months after my Masters.  I joined
Veritas in the capacity of an Offshore QC-Project Geophysicist in Jan 1998.
Since then I have worked in a few roles within the Veritas organisation.  I
worked offshore as a QC-Geo for 5 years.  I met my future wife offshore
too, and that is when we both gave up the offshore life (a 6 week on/6 week
off rotation) to get married and move into positions within the office in
Crawley (in 2002).  For the next 2 years I worked in the Marine Processing
department as a Processing Geophysicist, and as recently as March 2004, I
moved into the Sales and Marketing department and am now part of a team who
deal with the Marketing of our Data Processing products.  That is where I
currently am in my career, but I am in no doubt that this will change again
at some point, as it seems to have been doing every few years.

Jai Pandya

Marketing Geophysicist
Veritas DGC Limited

Tel:      +44 1293 443266
Fax:     +44 1293 443010
Email: Jai_Pandya@veritasdgc.com

Sarah Stone (Hunt) - 7

Date: 26.11.05
Well I graduated in 95 and applied for many Geology jobs near and far over the course of an 18 month period.  I had a few interviews but nothing ever came of it.  Initially of course I was expecting to get something in the next few months so I took up taxi driving temporarily as a means of making a quick and easy income for however long I needed it and it served that purpose very well, except that I never did get a job in Geology. 
Whilst busy job hunting, a friend whose children I babysat for heard of an opportunity at his work as a trainee Software Engineer.  I jumped at the chance as, even though it wasn't in geology, it was very logical thinking and I thought should use my newly acquired problem solving skills well.  It turned out to be an excellent move and I went on to become a Software Engineer and worked for the company for 5 years.  The company provided plenty of training at college and on the job.  All the time I was learning I loved it, and I imagine that having got that elusive first job, I'll have a job for life in computers if I want it.
In 2003 I left the company to have twin boys.  They are now 2 1/2 years old and have provided such challenges that a whole different side of me is emerging!  To be honest I don't think I could go back to exactly the same type of job as before, as after keeping one step ahead of two two year olds, writing software - even though it was for the Eurofighter weapons control system - seems rather boring!

I'll update you again once the boys are at school in two years time!


Andrew Wardle - 8
Date sent:        19 Jan 2001

Hi there Nick,

Andy Wardle here (Environmental Geology 1991 - 1995) just dropping you a line to say
hi and wish all of you in the Department a happy new year (Typical of me, always

Apologies for the break in communication, have been disturbingly busy working with
various bands around the place, and years seem to fly by now with annoying speed...

Just wondered if you'd heard from any of my ex - colleagues, as I really ought to catch
up with them soon to say hi!

Drop me a line when you have a minute,

Looking forward to hearing from you




Sara Jenkins - 8

Date sent:      24 Apr 2001
From:               SASHA <sashainvestments@prodigy.net>

Hi Nick!
I haven't heard from you in a while, I hope you are well.  I was
wondering how things were in you neck of the woods, so let me know
your news and what the Department is like these days. I think evey so
often I feel reminiscent of the old days and really miss
them...although I never thought I would miss the Isle of Wight!

I've been married for almost five years now, and my daughter Sasha,
will be two in May...time really flies. I seem to be always busy,
probably like yourself and never seem to have time to do half the
things that I would like. I am 8 weeks away from finishing my Masters
in Management Information Systems which I am really excited about.
Give me another couple of years and I will probably go and do
something else completely different. I am learning that I have a short
attention span. I left Ernst and Young in 1998 which I think was when
I last wrote to you and went into real estate. Presently I have a
dot.com company as well as a wholesale real estate company where we
buy and sell real estate to investors. I also do some programming on
the side.

In a nut shell that's it. I hear from Reg Tambirasa whenever I am in
England but I don't hear from any one else. Do you think there is
going to be a reunion in 2006?

Hope to hear from you soon.
Please give my regards to Mike C.

Take Care
Sara Jenkins
AEG2 (1996)

Mark Stacey - 7

Date: 10.8.05 
From: Mark_Stacey@veritasdgc.

I'm attaching a couple of pics of me at work ( I sent these to Pete Hall a
couple of months ago) and a copy of our company recruiting brochure that
I'm 'lucky' enough to star in! I hope they don't gum up your email.....

At the moment I'm working in Veritas DGC's Calgary, Canada office, and am
intending to stay!
I joined the company back in 96 straight after graduation, and have been
with them ever since. I started off as a geophysical processor in the
office in Crawley, then spent a year offshore on one of the marine data
acquisition vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. I then returned to the office,
went back to processing and then moved to the data library operation - the
EAME region has a lot of library surveys in the North Sea (are you familiar
with the DTI's Promote license scheme?) and offshore Nigeria, and I was
responsible for the upkeep, archive, and delivery of the data to the oil
companies purchasing it. Sam Toomey is doing that job now, still in
Crawley, and we worked together until I moved to Canada a year ago. I'm now
processing again, but with different data and a much smaller team. Canadian
life is awesome, the work is good, the steaks large, the beer cold, and
life couldn't be better for my wife and I here.

The address of the Canadian office here is 715, 5th Ave SW, Calgary,
Alberta, T2P 5A2, Canada. My phone number is 001-403-205-6454 and email as
The company website is www.veritasdgc.com where you can find the details of
the Crawley office too

As far as other grads, Sam Toomey, Jai Pandaya, Natalie Menzies and Sharon
Howe are all still in Crawley and can be reached on
firstname_surname@veritasdgc.com - i think some of them got this email from
you also as I got it forwarded from them this morning when I got in to the

Mark Stacey

Mark Stacey




Eddie Blackmore - 7

Date: 18 Sept. 2009

Dear Brian,
I happened upon your address and thought i'd give you a brief update on what i've got up to since graduating from Portsmouth in 1997. Initially I worked as a mudlogger with Mark Wilcoxon etc in places like Thailand, Bangladesh and Venezuela for a 2/3 years. After some further travels for a year I came back to the UK and was employed by an Italian mining company in their import and sales division based in London.
In 2006 with a colleague we started a company 'Techfil (Europe) Ltd' specialising in the import of industrial minerals from the USA and Europe and worldwide export.
I'm still in contact with Mark and Rick Buckley, although catching up with Mark has become difficult since he was extradited to Argentina!
Best regards,
Edward Blackmore

Techfil (Europe) Ltd
Tel: ++44 (0)1622 717780
Fax: ++44 (0)1622 710551
e-mail: info@techfil.co.uk
Web: www.techfil.co.uk


Trudie Bradbury - 7

Date: 27.02.06

Hi Brian

I'm living in Mackay, a large regional town (by
Australian standards) halfway between Rockhampton and
Townsville in tropical Queensland, we're the furthest
south that the Barrier Reef is readily accessible

After graduation I spent way too much time faffing
around with further degrees and a couple of years ago
decided to cash in on my Australian citizenship and
return "home".

I'm working as an engineering geologist as part of the
Cardno group and specialise in mining infrastructure;
in the past year I've been involved in air vents and
evapouration dams for longwalls, pads for draglines,
haul roads, duplicating the coal train railway, CHPP
designs and a whole heap more, which usually involves
standing on a coal spoil heap in 40C heat being eaten
by sweat flies.  I hold the destinction of having
reversed into a CAT 789 haul truck - the world's third
largest truck, because I didn't see it.

I've been offered many positions at the mines but I've
done some exploration work and the long shifts and
crappy conditions aren't for me, so I'm staying with
consultancy for the time being, this way I can keep my
time living in a 6 by 10 foot dog box down to a

The other location I work on lots is the Whitsunday
Islands; with huge amounts of development going on
there, I get to go to very expensive holiday islands
and trundle all over them in an excavator.

Will be getting married next year. We're planning on
using Mt Buffalo in country Victoria, which has a hang
glider ramp in case I change my mind.

Anyway, take care.



James Collinson - 8

From:               "James Collinson" <jcollinson@colnet.demon.co.uk>

Date sent:        11 Jul 2000


Just thought that I would let you know that I have successfully
completed the PGCE.  It was certainly one of the hardest things that I
have ever done and nearly fell by the wayside a couple of times.  BUT
I have done it now!  I have even  managed to secure myself a job at
Brune Park, a local school here in Gosport.  I will be a teacher of
science!!  Very scary and if I thought that the PGCE year was hard

I hope things are well and that you had a good crop of results this
year.  I see the web pages have been revamped.  Some familiar names
are good to see!

Have a good summer



Steven Edgar - 8

Date sent:        24 Mar 2006
From:               "Steve Edgar" <sedgar@vertasefli.co.uk>

Isn't it just very strange how there is such a shortage of suitably
trained graduates when there are so many job vacancies in environmental
geology.  I wish we could attract more people
into the industry of the calibre of the Portsmouth graduates.
I can't tell you how many people we come across in the industry with a
Pompey pedigree - all of which are amongst the best.

I will send some information through as requested and if there is
anything you can suggest we can do to help encourage applications I
will do what I can.

It is very disappointing to see the AEG course disappear.
Good luck with the remaining courses and I will be delighted to see
any graduates you have from the latest batch who have an interest in contracting

Best regards

Steve Edgar
AEG - 1997


Iain Johnson - 8

Date sent:        8 Jul 2005
From:               "Iain Johnson" <Iain.Johnson@enviros.com>

Hi Nick

Hopefully the email (and name) will jog a few memories
Am now working for Enviros in Manchester “ 1st week “ after three years with the
Groundwork Trust in the NW
Focusing on EMS and environmental performance / legislation, which is what I also did
at Groundwork

Hope all is well with yourself
Iain Johnson
(AEG- 1997)
Telegraphic House
Waterfront Quay, Salford Quays
Manchester M50 3XW
T: +44 (0)161 873 3683 F: +44 (0)161 848 0181


Alison Laker - 8

Date sent:    8 Dec 1998

Hiya Nick,

Just thought I'd write and tell you the latest news from Ordnance
Survey. I have a new job which starts on the 18th January.  I had to
get through a promotion board and an hour's worth of tests to get it.
These were like medieval torture and so I'm feeling quite pleased with

I will be in charge of our Customer Information area with eleven staff
members to supervise.  Customer Information is the team that answer
all the nutty questions people ring in with or e-mail us with or write
to us with. It appears that my degree subject was one of the  reasons
why I was picked over the other applicants.  I knew more of the theory
behind mapping, surveying and other general geographic topics than
some of the others.

So now I get to go in there and change things.  They want me to help
design a new database and help with the introduction of new
technology.  From a brief tour I got last week I discovered that the
area seems to be doing everything by hand rather than using databases
and the new telephony systems that are on the market which can tell
you all about your customer before they open their mouth.  I can't
wait to start but my current job in the digital sales area won't
release me until January and I have to train my replacement.  The best
bit of course is the pay rise that goes with job and the worst bit is
that I have to give up my union job as health and safety rep as that
area already has one.

Have you heard from anyone else who graduated 1997?
Is Jim Collinson still working on oil rigs?
Anyway I'd better go. 

Alison Laker
AEG - 1997


Tim Marks - 8

Date sent:        23 Jun 2000

     Dear Nick Walton.

     Well this will be a blast from the past, it's Tim Marks AEG 1997
     (I think) Anyway I thought it was about time to let you know what
     I am up to now.

     For the past 18 months I have been working for Cambridgeshire
     County Council in Strategic Planning as a Research & Monitoring
     Assistant (GIS) The main role of this job has been to develop the
     use of GIS within the County Council. Such as the use of aerial
     photography and look into the potential of satellite imagery in
     land use planning and training people in it's use. The other main
     responsibility I have is to monitor planning applications in 2
     Districts in Cambridgeshire. This involves hundreds of site
     visits each year which all feed into a number of reports the
     County Council produces.

     Working with the County Council has allowed me to work with a
     number of different organisations not only within the County
     Council such, waste, and environment but also the EA, Government
     bodies and consultants.

     All of this has lead me on to my next career move "Planning
     Support Assistant" where I will be working on the policy side of
     Cambridgeshire's Waste Local Plan which at the moment is about to
     go out to public consultation. (Lots of fun and games) the
     Minerals Local Plan and in Planning Development Control, dealing
     with major minerals and waste planning applications.

     I have gained full funding to do an MA in Town Planning at South
     Bank University which if all goes well I will be starting in
     September. It's on a part-time basis one day a week so it will be
     3 years before I finish. This is a great opportunity for me to
     develop my skills in the environmental planning and for the first
     time I think I know where I am going!

     This leads me on to a request. As part of the application process
     for my MA (I have had verbal confirmation of my place) I need an
     academic reference and if you don't mind can I send you the
     relevant form to fill in?

     I enclose an outline job description for the post I am about to
     leave which may be of interest to this year's graduates.

     Yours sincerely

     Tim Marks

     Research and Monitoring Assistant (GIS)
     Strategic Planning
     Castle Court
     Box No: ET1010
     Shire Hall
     CB3 0AP

     Tel: 01223 718545


Ollie Owens - 8

Date sent:        18 Jun 2004

Hi Nick,

Well since I last contacted you late on in 2002, I have been recruited by ENCIA
Consulting and have enjoyed working with them for the last 18 months or so.

I have also settled down in the Yorkshire area and I am enjoying working in site
investigations, and recommending remedial works. This side of things being
particularly interesting in the lead up to the enforcement of the landfill directive in July.

I am also heading up the asbestos surveying and management section of the company
and training new staff.

It is all quite exciting at the moment.

However, I have been head-hunted by Arcadis Gerahty Miller in Leeds and have been
verbally offered an attractive position with them.

I would be grateful if you would offer them a reference of my academic performance
should they contact you.

I believe they are looking to finalise the offer by the end of June after confirming

Attached is an updated version of my CV for your records and interest.

With luck, I may be able to pop in to Burnaby in the next few weeks as I am planning on
visiting my sister in Brighton.

I trust things are well with you and Pompey students are as fun as ever!!!!!

Regards - Ollie

Hilal Al-Rashdi - 7

From:               hilal.al.rashdi@pdo.co.om
Date sent:    21 Feb 1999

This is Hilal Al-Rashdi from Oman, after graduation from Portsmouth
university I would like to thank all of you for your co-operation and
help during my study, this is late but I've just got your E-mail
address so I will keep in touch.

At the moment I am working as junior interpreter in exploration
Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), so far everything is going smooth .

Hilal Al-Rashdi
Exploration Department (XEM 11)
P.O.Box 81
Post code 113


Dan James - 7

Date: 07.06.06

Hi Brian,

 Just thought I’d drop you a line after seeing your article in Geoscience. I graduated back in 1997 and immediately set off for Africa to work in the mineral exploration industry to start to pay off the happy university days. I found work very easily in Mwanza, Tanzania and commenced working for Ashanti Goldfields. I was given a team of local field assistant’s and a Landcruiser and headed off into the bush for months at a time, with the remit to find gold! All very exciting. I stayed in Tanzania for two years before getting caught up in the ‘Ashanti Hedging Disaster’ and a rapidly falling gold price before coming home to the UK to find work.

 I found an obscure job with Yahoo in London and stayed there very happily for 5 years, enjoying London life and the healthy corporate pay structure. During this time I got married and bought a house in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. By coincidence I found employment with a geological consultancy, ACA Howe International, who is based in Berkhamsted. Making the change back in geology has proved to be a great decision.

 I am now working back in the mineral exploration industry exploring for base and precious metals all around the world for a wide selection of mining companies. The core of our business is to complete technical Competent Persons Reports’, which are independent reviews of the company’s exploration assets, typically in lieu of an Exchange Listing (AIM or TSX). Over the years I have travelled to many wonderfully remote and exotic places all in the name of exploration! There’s never a dull moment in this job, as you never know where you’ll be sent next, and what technical geological challenge lies around the next corner.

 Galen White recently joined ACA Howe who graduated in geology from Portsmouth in 1996. Mark Butcher joined us in the autumn after finishing his BSc and MSc from Portsmouth’s geography department and he now manages our GIS capabilities. Between the three of us we represent an outlier of Portsmouth’s graduated talent!

 Attached is a recent photo from when I was in Chile.

 Kind regards, Dan.


Daniel James

Geologist. ACA Howe International Ltd. 254 High Street. Berkhamsted. HP4 1AQ. UK

Tel:        +44 (0) 1442 873398

Fax:       +44 (0) 1442 865710

Email:    djames@acahowe.co.uk

Web:      www.acahowe.co.uk


Malcolm Middleton - 7
Date sent:     02 Feb 2000

Dear Mike,
How is the world of student Geology? I hope the field trips are as enjoyable
as ours were!!
Well I have had another slight job change, I have gone back to the
Sailmakers for a while, but I am now a sail consultant, and my main job with
the company is to act as project coordinater for the BT Global Challenge
round the world race that starts this September.
This entails me in having to go to each stop over around the world where the
yachts go, starting in Boston - Buenos Aires - Wellington-Sydney - Cape Town
- La Rochelle then back to Southampton.
It is not quite the Geological job I was looking for, but I think It will be
a fantastic opportunity, which I think justifies the temporary losses in
being away from the industry?


Mark Wilcoxon - 7

Date: 08.12.07


Well - after spending the Summer/Autumn back in Hereford with my hands up chickens arses and planning on travelling to Australia I ended up taking a job as a Mudlogger with International Logging in December 1997. The Interview was held with Stag Geological Services Ltd (Bob Fagg - Graduate 1972), and I initially got sent to live in Thailand for 18 months, working in Thailand, Bangladesh & Japan, but mainly travelling around with other poor sods who got dumped in Thailand(!) including other Portsmouth Graduates (Eddie Blackmore & Malcolm Middleton, also 1997, James Drury 1995??, Ollie Owens (AEG1997)). After the demise in work some of us got sent to Venezuela in Spring 1999, including myself & Eddie, where my love for the South America began. I continued to live in Maracaibo after meeting my wife-to-be, working between Venezuela & Trinidad, until Dec 2002, when my wife-to-be got transferred to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (so I just had to go along with her!!), and after getting married and several more years of working in Trinidad & West Africa I managed to get some work in Brasil just as my first Son was born and then I realised that after turning 30 and having a family I needed to change my job, so after contacting Stag again, I did a couple of courses & they eventually found me some work as a Consultant Wellsite Geologist for Chevron in Angola where I have been since March 2006. After my second Son was born my Wife decided that she'd had enough of working so we recently moved (no more company paid accommodation etc etc) to just outside Buenos Aires, Argentina (where my Wife is from), and in the process of buying a house - moving in January 2008. On my last hitch here I was chatting to a fellow Geologist who also graduated at Portsmouth (Dave Mellings 1975) - who mentioned this website - so here I am.

Would be good to hear from other Graduates of 1997, I nearly bumped into Dan James when he was planning a trip to South America but believe we were on opposite continents when it happened.

I try and make it back to UK when I can, but now with the family and the chore of air-travel our trips will be less frequent.

Mark Wilcoxon
Wellsite Geologist

Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd
Malongo Base
Cabinda, Republic of Angola
Tel CTN: 345 3016
USA Phone: +1 925 842 1111 (Ext: 3016)
UK Phone: +44 1224 333113 (Ext: 3016)
ageostg7@chevron.com / mwdv@chevron.com

Date : 21 September 2009


Just received an email from Eddie mentioning his expertise on pumice amongst other things... I'm still working as a Consultant Wellsite Geologist for Chevron in Angola but for how much longer is to be seen - company politics and immigration procedures becoming a bind... just trying to hang in there until something else comes up.
We did end up buying a house just outside Buenos Aires and I now have a 3rd Son to add to the list - Harry was born in January this year - another healthy boy.
My trips back to the UK are getting fewer and what with airport security and long flights I can't see that changing much - all the same I'll not forget my roots!

Thats all for now

All the best





Dan Aves - 13
From:               Dan Aves <DAves@tensor.co.uk>

Date sent:    10 Nov 1998


    After three years of being a thorn in the side of nearly every faculty in the University of Portsmouth, as well as causing the geology department countless headaches, I thought you might be interested in what I'm doing with myself now.
    I finished my student life with grand thoughts of finishing my VW van and surfing the summer away in as many exotic places as my loans would take me. Unfortunately, I was offered a job on the eve of my departure, and have now been working solidly for nearly five months as a Software Engineer. I think that I should take this opportunity to apologise for the appalling amount of effort I put in throughout my Portsmouth years. With the benefit of hindsight and a slightly different perspective upon 'work', I think that although I had an excellent time, I really should have achieved a little more academically.
    I would be extremely grateful if you would pass on my thanks to the rest of the department for a superb three years, as well as managing to get me past the finish line in only three years!
    At the moment, I am working on a multimillion-pound software project for GEC. They are based in Southampton. when I'm down south I'll pop in and say hello.


Simon Ball - 8

From:               Simon Ball <Simon.Ball@RBWM.gov.uk>

Date sent:          1 May 2001

Hi Nick,

It's Simon Ball here (AEG Grad 1998).

Hope you are well and things are alright at Portsmouth Uni.

I am currently looking at doing a PGCE in Chemistry/Science at
Secondary School level in September and I was hoping that you could be
my principal referee for my application. If you wish to accept, the
GTTR require you to comment on my academic achievements, personal
qualities and the course coverage.

It is quite a major career move at present but I feel that it would be
a very useful step towards my ambition of lecturing one day in the
field of Geology/Geochemistry and the financial package involved is
too good to refuse! If you have any comments/advise that would aid me,
it would be gratefully received.

Look forward to you reply


Simon Ball
GIS Development Officer
Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead


Jon Beach - 8

From:               Jon.beach@kingswoodiow.co.uk
Date sent:        25 Jun 1999

Hi Nick

I thought I would write and inform you of a career change for me. As
of 26th of July I will be employed by Mayer Environmental in Brentford
as a environmental scientist.  My role will be supporting the
consultant doing desk studies, logging of boreholes and trial pits and
lots of other stuff.  Basically exactly what we
spent three years learning how to do.

Hope to hear from you soon



Chris Bonac - 8

From:               BONAC@ENTECUK.CO.UK

Date sent:        10 Jun 2002

Good to hear from you Nick - working on a Sunday eh!?!

Weird you should contact me, as I'm actually going to a Pompey reunion
at the old student union bar next Saturday (15th), before they knock
it down.  Not many AEG's going - just me, Rick and Pete I think, but I
did put the invite out to everyone I could get hold of.

Quick update then:

   Lucy is doing very well indeed, went mountain biking on the Jubilee
   w'end and she was fitter than most; Jon has moved to the Leicester
   Square O'Neils and is now assistant manage; still also in touch
   with Vicky, Rick, Pete, Simon - and hear about others through them;
   Entec are sending me on a years (possibly longer) secondment to the
   Heathrow Terminal 5 Project to be part of a Environmental Team
   during the seven year construction phase.  My title is
   Environmental Monitoring Advisor, but I'll also have responsibility
   for overall compliance of a Env'tal Mang't Plan for a specific part
   of the construction.  It's an amazing position and I was chuffed to
   bits that Entec even thought of me, let alone BAA choosing me over
   much more experienced people from Entec and 5 other Env Companies.
   I start on the 24th June.

I'll pass the e-mail on to everyone I know.


Anthony Butcher - 7

Date: 13.6.06

Hi Brian,

No problem using the Burnaby Bandits...that's what it's there for!  The interesting thing will be for people to spot the three characters who aren't from Burnaby (I didn't have enough faces to superimpose them all).

Well, as for me, I graduated from B.Sc. Geology in 1998, then stuck around at Portsmouth doing a part-time, self-funded Ph.D. on chitinozoan biostratigraphy in the Middle East and North America.  As money was always tight, I took various periods of time out to earn some money doing a variety of random things, and finally finished November 2005.  It seems to have been worth it though, as I now have a two year fully-funded postdoc. (again, at Portsmouth) working once more on chitinozoan biostrat. on drill cores from Libya, funded by the Italian oil company ENI.

Once that finishes, who knows?  I'd like to stay on in academia, but depending on the market (and the fact that biostratigraphers are in quite high demand, for once!) I may venture into industry.

Well done for all your efforts on the website, and it's good to see more and more posts appearing.

All the best,


Dr Anthony Butcher
University of Portsmouth
Burnaby Building
Burnaby Road
United kingdom
Tel:  (+44) 23 9284 2258
Fax: (+44) 23 9284 2244



Victoria Chadwick - 8

Date sent:        27 Jan 2002

Hi Nick

I am still in contact with Chris Bonard who has kindly forwarded the email you had sent
to him recently so hence I am writing to you so you update our records and catch up on
the gossip.

Hmmm where to start... at the beginning is the best place I suppose.
Andrew and I came back to live in Norfolk for a year after graduation, I became
employed in the training field for Modern Apprenticeships for an independent provider
covering East Anglia. Andrew had no luck in Norfolk after a year and went back home
to Essex but we stayed together...weekend visits etc. He got a job in Retail for a well
known food chain and worked his way to the top over a relatively short period of time. I
changed jobs and am now working for City College in Norwich for the 'Services to
Business' department which generally involves tailoring training and courses to
employers needs from everything from PAT testing to management courses. I get
involved with Health & Safety (donning my steel toe caps, hard hat and reflective attire -
flash backs to AEG trips!!!) to make sure that employers are compliant with current
legislation and interview/assess their younger employees (16-25) for Modern
Apprenticeships under the Work Based Learner contract that the college has. Hence
funding issues, curriculum centre liaison and government bureaucracy are all common
issues to me too, I sympathise with you.
The other side to my job which may sound silly but I really enjoy...I must be mad!!! is
that I deal with disaffected youths who are unemployed and unemployable and TRY to
get them into industry mainly within the areas of construction, its probably the most
challenging and yet rewarding part of my job which is my baby project and I am known
for referring to them as 'my little darlings' as I am unable to use expletives!!!, no
seriously they are great. And also not being a girly girl I love going to building sites and
workshops and getting involved with the banter. I still have a desire to go into teaching
and am intending in the long run to get into this within the college FT, I can do PGCE's
Cert Ed's and MSc in Education and Training on a PT learner basis free of charge
(magic words FREE) through the college whilst still working. I am enrolling this year to
do a Basic skills adult trainingteaching certificate.
Whatelse... err me and Andrew split up exactly a year ago, distances and differences
being the reason. Unfortunately we don't communicate anymore which is a shame, but
hopefully that will change in time.
I am sprog free, independent, enjoying life and depressingly have joined the mortgage
club for the next 25 years ergghh, and if you met me now you probably would say I
was completely different to how you knew me at Uni., but hopefully for the better, ha ha.
I have links with Chris and Lucy still, Chris was in Norfolk before Xmas so we met up for
an evening. About 18 months ago Ryk had a party where I saw a few of the others. It is
nice to see people again, now that we have become so segregated across the country it
does prove difficult to keep in touch, a lot have fallen by the wayside in moves etc, so if
you have any email addresses etc of anyone I would love to have them.
I was myself down in Portsmouth for the weekend last Easter for a Passing out parade
for a friend in Gosport. It was quite weird, it's changed so much with the new
development 'gunwharf' or whatever they called it and the millennium tower 'thing' on
the motorway on the way in.Unfortunately although I had plans to wander in to see you
all, as it always happens I ran out of time and never got around to it. But it was nice to
be back and see the old haunts!
Anyway if you wish to reply at any time you can use this email or my work's which gets
checked more regularily than this: (vchadwic@ccn.ac.uk) please note no K on the end
of Chadwick.

Must go now - bored you to death, hope life is being good to you

Vicky Chadwick
AEG - 1998


James Halfacree - 8

From:               james.halfacree@enviros.com
Date sent:        2 Aug 2000

Many thanks for the profiles you sent, some look promising.  I have
posted the company brochure with a few details of the main activities
I get involved with.



René Kellaway - 7

04 May 2009


What a great surprise to hear from you!! Hope you are well. Just got back from go-carting in Gosport, I think I'm going to be sore in the morning!!
I'm working at IBM now doing third line tech support and based at North Harbour. I was IBM's tech bloke for the Zurich contract and had an office in Zurich House over looking Victoria Park and Burnaby Building. IBM and Zurich have gone separate ways and I was pulled back to North Harbour. I really like it there, no pressure and a friendly environment, couldn't ask for more really. I go to Southern Spain as often as possible and intend to move there once things settle down a bit and my Spanish improves a bit. It has great people, great scenery and great weather, all i need in life !! The Spanish are very welcoming and hospitable so I spend my time with them and thankfully manage to avoid the English almost entirely : ) Also as you'll see from my Facebook page I've got back into guitaring in a big way and my collection is coming along nicely...
Let me know what you're up to these days and any new tales from Burnaby!!
Peace, smiles and happiness

Kate Miles - 8

Date sent:      15 Apr 2004
From:               "Katie Miles" <KLMiles@groundsolutions.co.uk>


Just a quick note to say hi.

Employment history:

1998 - 2002 - Nicholls Colton Geotechnical

2002 - Present - Ground Solutions Group

If you do get a reunion arranged please let me know.


Kate Miles (AEG - 1998)
Geotechnical Engineer

Visit our web site at www.groundsolutions.co.uk or our group website
at www.scottwilson.com



Clodagh Murphy - 7

Date: 06.01.06

Hi Brian,

thanks for the email, sorry i've been so slack about returning it!

Its great to see what everyone else has been up to since leaving Portsmouth.
I've done quite a lot since leaving Portsmouth in 1998. Having completed a
BSc in Geology, I have to admit to having done nothing with it. I worked in
a local high school for a year, and then went travelling and lived in
Australia and New Zealand for 2 years before returning to the UK. I worked
for The Woolwich for 3 years whilst completing a part time Masters degree in
Water and Environmental Management which i passed with a distinction. I am
now looking for work relating to that (wastewater management, reed bed
treatment technology, sustainability etc) but in the meantime I am currently
working for Staffordshire University as a researcher, and contemplating
staying in academia... dunno yet, i'll keep you posted :o) I've co-authored
2 papers on CSR and e-learning and i'm working on a third, hopefully with a
trip to Hong Kong at the end of it.

I'm still in touch with Andy Spiller, and Lisa Bradrick, and occasionally
bumped into Elaine Mole as she also worked for the Woolwich for a while. I'm
still in touch with a few more ex pompey stoodies, but they didn't do
geology. I have some great photos from our field trips, i'll get round to
scanning then in and emailing them to you and you can put them online if you

hope you get some more replies soon from the 1998 year, it'll be good to see
what everyone's up to.

Take Care

Clodagh X

Date: 04.07.07

Hi Brian

 Hope you are well, thought I’d send you an update for the Portsmouth geology graduates. Tony Butcher and I have set up a Portsmouth Geology facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2320624901 just as a way of catching up and putting on photos etc, we have a few members already – but thought we’d let you know . Could you put the link onto  the graduates website in case anyone wishes to join us :o)

 Many thanks

 Clodagh x

 Miss Clodagh Murphy

Environmental Researcher and Marketing Co-ordinator

 ARM Limited Rydal House

Colton Road



WS15 3HF

 t: +44 (0) 1889 583 811

f: +44 (0) 1889 584 998

e: clodagh.murphy@armreedbeds.co.uk

www: http://www.armreedbeds.co.uk



Brian Nottage - 8

From:               Brian Nottage <bnottage@pba.co.uk>

Date sent:        5 Apr 2002


Thanks for the breakdown of the degree course.

Just to keep you informed of my career.

I am starting down on section 320 of the CTRL on Monday 22 April for 2

Still being paid by PBA, but working for the joint partnership
contractors "Hochtief / J Murphy & Sons Ltd". The works is monitoring
the large scale dewatering (2x 450mm pipes pumping into the Thames)
and generally keeping an eye on all environmental aspects (inc. noise
etc.) of the project as part of the environmental management team.

Section 320 involves a new tunnel under the Thames, with both the Kent
and Essex sides of the river included for the associated works.

The job includes a nice 4x4 for me to pose about in, but the hours
will be longer as I will no longer be a soft handed consultant, but a
contractor for this period.

I may be able to send you some good information on this project once I
get into it (if you want it).



Brian Nottage
Peter Brett Associates.
Snook House, 66 Tilehurst Road, Reading. RG30 2JH.
Tel 0118 950 8777. Fax 0118 950 8198.


Richard Pollard - 8

Date sent:    27 Apr 2005

Dear Nick,

Update on my situation :

Re: Update1998-2005

1998 - Graduated

1999 - Travelled around the world, working on a holiday visa in Oz

2000 - F/T AERC Consultancy , Site Investigation Officer

2001-mid 03 - F/T STATS Consultancy, Environmental Engineer

2002, 04-PGDip Protected Landscape Management at ICPL/Greenwich Uni (distance

Mid 03 - mid 04 - Travelled throughout Asia and worked in India whilst completing

Mid 04 - ongoing - F/T RAW Consulting, Environmental Consultant (PM)

2005 - Set up Environmental Impact Education Initiative in collaboration with
Ground work Thames Valley Trust, at Iver Nature Study Centre
= MSc (major project) in protected Landscape Management

Seeking funding if you know of any one?. I can send proposal, costings etc if you like.??

Kind regards

Richard Pollard
AEG - 1998



Will Hodshon - 7

30 April 2010

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reminder, I needed it, things have quieten down now.

Ok I’ll rack my brain back to the beginning of my working career after I graduated as a geologist from Portsmouth Uni in 99.

To be honest I didn’t have a specific career path in mind when I left, I did want to work in Geology and I enjoyed mapping, so I thought of starting in exploration geology or something similar.  So with a few contacts I headed out to South Africa to look for work in mining and exploration which there seemed to be a bit of work in at the time.  However not long after I got there my dreams and ideas of what the work was going to be like in that industry were shattered and feeling a bit deflated I made the decision to not even start working in mining and come up with another plan.

Shortly after I got involved with a trans Atlantic yacht race from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro, I was the sail setter onboard and the navigator just happened to be a marine geophysicist and the director of an offshore geophysics company in Bath in the UK.  We were on the same shift at night and after establishing our mutual link of geology we spent the next four weeks sailing across the Southern Atlantic talking about the principles of geophysics, marine geology and generally the sort of work they did whilst scribbling diagrams on the backs of magazines.

After landing in Brazil we embarked on a canoe expedition through central Amazon, after this trip, Kevin checked his e-mail in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere to find that his company had just won the biggest project they’d had to date and needed to get back ASAP.  It was Friday morning in a town called Manaus and Kevin looked at me said ‘ if you can help me get back to London for Monday morning I’ll get you a job as a geophysicist’.  It wasn’t how I thought my career would start but the race was on and after an unbelievable journey through brazil, which included us running from corrupt Brazilian police after someone tried to plant drugs on us, we eventually made it back to London.

Still with Paraná blood on my shorts I met the other directors of the company who greeted me with open arms and said ‘now Will, Kevin tells me you can drive a boat’. Before I knew my plane tickets were booked and I flew to Belgium to relieve the skipper on a survey vessel who had injured his hand.  The job was surveying all the industrial canals of southern Belgium, one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever done, white wine and prawns for lunch and every night staying in a beautiful Belgian Cottage.  All I had to do was negotiate the hundred of locks scattered up and down the country and try and learn what I could from the geos on board.

From then on in I went from one job to another all offshore work for the oil and gas industry but mainly for the fibre optic cable laying industry.  I was a marine geophysicist working in the high resolution world of marine analogue geophysics which in my case meant telling someone what the bathymetry, morphology and composition of the seabed is, as well as the shallow geology up to around 200m below the seabed for anyone that would pay us.  Alot of people think that we are the same guys that look for oil and gas, but those guys are looking down to 10km below the seabed where as we are concentrating our efforts in the top 200m. We are usually working with engineers installing subsea structures, drilling rigs, pipelines and communication cables so they need know not only the  engineering properties of the soils but also looking geohazards like shallow gas and faulting e.t.c.

The work became more and more interesting and as I learnt how to use all the various equipment and start interpreting the data  to eventually advise someone what the geology of a particular area was I really started to enjoy it.  Soon big jobs were coming in including one where they wanted to lay a fibre optic cable around the Pacific ring of fire linking up America, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Hawaii and Mexico.  It was busy though, in the first year I took 52 separate flights and worked in 14 different countries including Africa, Panama, Japan, Belgium, Columbian, Australia, Taiwan, Chian, South Korea, Scotland to mention a few and my second year wasn’t much different.

We started winning more and more work in west Africa and after a some pretty hairy experiences involving Pirates in the mangroves swamps of Nigeria enough was enough and I needed a change of life style.  In the few years I worked for SAGE Eningeering they were bought out by a bigger firm and I was able to transfer to Western Australia in 2002 where I have been living ever since.  Life is certainly not as exciting now, the majority of my work is in Australia so I see the same geology over and over but if life is all about balance this is pretty good.  I now work about 3 months a year offshore, 6 months in the office and 3 months holiday and I’m married and have a 1 year old daughter and we live 1 mile from the beach and I even manage to squeeze in a surf in the mornings before work with my colleagues when I’m back.

In Australia we are working predominantly for the booming oil and gas sector here.  There is still a lot of unmapped areas of the sea floor in Australia and we do come across large features that nobody has seen before and then working with teams of people to negotiate these obstacles is interesting work and on nice boats with Australian crew in usually beautiful areas.  It’s funny though,  during my degree I thought I would be studying volcanoes for a living and now I’m basically a sedimentologist, but even though the geology I look at doesn’t back much further than the Miocene I still get alot of enjoyment out of linking buried river channels 200km offshore with active ones on land, finding huge sand bank formations 15m high, extensive deep water coral reef systems, huge debris and turbidity flows and canyons that nobody has been into before.   Another thing I get from my work is that people actually use the interpretations that I make and want to discuss the finding in detail to find a solution to a problem which gives you a great sense of purpose.

These days I’m doing a bit less offshore and getting more involved with the overall project management of the job which has different challenges but I’m keen to make sure I’m never too far away from the coal face.   Well Brian like I say, I hope everyone at Portsmouth is in good shape, it was a great degree and although I didn’t do much geophysics it give me a really good frame work and understanding of the principles of sedimentology and stratigraphy which is the most important thing to have in this job.


Kind Regards

Will Hodshon| Senior Geophysicist/Project Manager

A Neptune Marine Services Company

10 Belmont Avenue, Belmont, WA 6104
T              +61.8.9450 9111 

F              +61.8.9450 9110 

M            +61.408 011 717

W            www.neptunems.com

Maria Jarosz - 8

From:               MJJAROSZ@ctrl.co.uk

Date sent:          16 Jul 2001

Hello Nick

This is Maria Jarosz.  I just thought I'd drop you an e-mail to let
you know that I no longer work for EnvirosAspinwall.   I am now
working as an Environmental Engineer on part of the Channel Tuunel
Rail Link in North London.  It is very interesting and I have learnt
many new things.  How are things in Portsmouth? Is the course going


Maria Jarosz
AEG - 1999


Gareth Jenkins - 8

From:               "Portland Community Computer Centre" <ymca1weycoll@weycoll.ac.uk>

Date sent:          25 Jun 1999

Thanks for the help with job searching.  I'm currently looking at
voluntary work with various organisations here in Dorset.  I missed
the opportunity to apply to be the Assistant Coastal Ranger by about a
week which was annoying - I feel made for the job!  Duties include
footpath monitoring and limited landslide assessment, both of which I
covered in project work at A Level and degree.  Oh well!

I won't keep you because I know you're very busy but rest assured my
CV and photograph will be coming sometime this summer.  I'm currently
busy selling ice-creams in the sun and sand 6 days a week which makes
getting around to things such as that and this E-mail difficult!

I'll see you at graduation anyway - take care.

Gareth Jenkins


Kathryn Monk (Cockrill) - 7

Date - 5.6.06

Dear Brian
Just read about your site in Geoscientist!  Love the Burnaby Bandits!
I have done nothing to do with Geology since graduating in 1999.  Have worked for HSBC since 1999 and am now a Service and Sales Manager based in South Midlands.
I still keep in touch with quite a lot of people from my year - everyone I know is getting on well, but only a few have jobs related to their degrees!
Hope the site is successful - is good to know how fellow Pompeytonians get on!



Clair Raper - 11

Date: 16.08.06

Hi Mike,
Great photo of the bandits.
I was on the first Palaeobiology and Evolution course and graduated in 1999.  I had a fantastic time and would recommend it to anyone. I'm still in touch with Palaeo Jo Carrington (environmental type at local council), and AEG Mark Davies (just left the Environment Agency to move to New Zealand as an environmental consultant.
I then went onto do a masters in hydrogeology in Birmingham and graduated in 2001.  I've been working as a hydrogeologist at Golder Associates in Nottingham ever since, and will shortly be spending a couple of years in the Golder Jacksonville (Florida) office for a couple of years as a contaminant hydrogeologist.  Its a hard life but someone has to do it.

I also got married this year .... to an ex applied environmental geology student, Brendan Young.

It would be great to here from any of the other guys who graduated in 1999.

Clair Raper


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