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Matthew Bellhouse - 7

Date sent:    29 Sep 2000

I have got myself a job as a driller  for a local environmental investigation company in an attempt to gain the all important experience needed in the field; I am hoping to make it as an engineer, eventually.

Adam Beresford-Browne - 10

Date sent:          Wed, 8 May 2002

Hi Mike

How's life treating you? Very well I hope.

I am living in Cardiff these days, working for URS (formerly Dames & Moore)
as a hydrogeologist. Mostly contaminated land stuff - borehole supervision,
health and safety plans, water sampling, etc - ironic really seeing as cont
land was one of my worst subjects!

I am writing for three reasons; firstly to say hello; second to ask if and
when you guys have a field trip to South Wales as I would love to meet up
for a beer one of the evenings that you are near Cardiff (Barry Island?);
and lastly to ask if you have any contact details for Clare Heyday as I
have lost touch with her, Gaz and Tony.

All the best

Adam Beresford-Browne
URS Corporation Ltd
(Cardiff, UK)
+44 2920 465 960 (Phone)
+44 2920 465 961 (Fax)

Date sent: 22.09.06

-Hi Nick,

I have been working in Pakistan and will soon be
moving to Dubai to set up a new office for Zenith in the role of
regional manager, but no work in Qatar as yet. Aside from that, I
would still enjoy meeting Brian before I emigrate as I'm certain he
could give me plenty of good advice - do you think he'd like a chat
over a beer sometime?
I was in Pakistan (Karachi) last week, is that when the meeting was? I
think I may not be officially registered to the GSL Hydro Group as I
don't get emails about meetings... Time to sort that out I think!
On other news, I got married on 19th August in the Lake District. My
wife, Libby, is an occupational therapist who has brought a great
amount of joy and purpose into my sad, geeky life :O) We're going to
be moving to Dubai in about 6 to 8 weeks, assuming all the application
processes run smoothly.
Zenith (Bath) is doing well; we've just taken on Ali Curry, a geology
graduate from Cardiff (who now do MSc Hydro apparently), and Stephen
Smith, a hydrogeology graduate (not sure where as he doesn't start
until next week). When I joined, there were only 5 of us. Now there
are 8. Not massive growth for 3 years, but not bad. Duncan is still
here sometimes, but mainly spends his days at his French home, kicking
back with glasses of fine red wine. Good on him.
How are you keeping? And has Mike Chaplin become a Dad?
Any news of
the other members of the old guard?
Great to hear from you, hope to catch up before we emigrate.

Best regards,


Adam Beresford-Browne BSc (Hons) MSc FGS
Regional Manager (Africa, Middle East & Asia)

Zenith International Ltd
7 Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 2AB, United Kingdom
t +44 (0)1225 327900  dir +44 (0)1225 327964  f +44 (0)1225 327901 e
aberesford-browne@zenithinternational.com  w zenithinternational.com
specialist consultants to the food and drink industries worldwide

Karl Blanke - 7

 Date sent:    7 Jul 2001
 I got the job with/ Geo-Services. I fly up to Aberdeen
 tomorrow,(08/07/01) to start my training. So if all
 goes well by the 21/07/01 I should be a fully trained
 Mud-Logger on an oil rig in the north sea!!!

Duncan Cook - 8
From:               Duncan.Cook@Hyder-con.co.uk
Date sent:         22 Nov 2001

 I am doing ok, still working at
Hyder in Bristol - getting good experience in contaminated land and general
environmental/geotechnical site evaluation/investigation. I have mainly
been involved in IPPC work in recent months - Phase 1 and 2 assessments in
aid of IPPC applications for companies such as St Regis Paper and Britannia
Zinc Ltd.

Socially I still see Liz, Carl, Sam and Steph Parker and very occasionally
hear from Claire (all of us are still in the environmental, geotechnical,
geological field).

Anyway I have decided that I have a hunger for some further studying for
self benefit and career progression. So I want to apply for MSc's next year
at Reading and Nottingham.

Date sent:  5 Apr 2002

I have driven over 1800 miles in the
last two weeks visiting MOD RAF installations, looking at boreholes and
seeking out livestock (that's one way of putting it).

Liz (Howse) now has a job with BAE on their SI team
Steph is doing well getting further pay rises and company cars from AMEC
Carl is currently knocking about Fareham but intending to do some more GTEC
Claire has brought a house up north and I don't hear from her much
I am pondering my future with respect to MScs etc (Nottingham offered me a

Duncan Cook
Geoenvironmental Engineer
Hyder Consulting Ltd
Tel. (0117) 9881523
Fax. (0117) 9881661
Email: duncan.cook@hyder-con.co.uk

Date sent:        31 May 2006

Hi Nick

Thought that I would drop you an e-mail as I have not been back to
Portsmouth for a long time. Currently reviewing development proposals
for a Tannery in Milborne Port, and noticed an appraisal report which
you completed in 1998 - funny to think I was studying at Portsmouth
when you completed this work!

Anyway I am still down in Somerset and nearly half way through the
Masters course i am doing at Nottingham with Paul Nathanail although I
really think I will move on when I graduate (Abroad I hope!).
Currently considering project ideas and considering evaluating
composite sampling techniques, also have a few other ideas which I
have discussed with the Land Quality centre at the Agency in Solihull.

As for others; Stephen Parker is working for Legal & General as a CSR
consultant, Carl Price has moved to QDS, Gavin Rodway still at Celtic,
Liz Howse is training as a geography teacher but not sure about the

Will try and call in to portsmouth some day and if you have any
glaring obvious decent project ideas then please let me know.

Duncan Cook  - AEG 2000
Contaminated Land Officer                                  
Environmental Protection                                  
South Somerset District Council                         

Tel. (01458) 257483
Fax. (01458) 257482
Mob. 07971 175462
e-mail: duncan.cook@southsomerset.gov.uk 

James Goodman - 7

Date: 7.12.05

I have spent the last 5 years working for an environmental consultancy in
London. Initially my work focused on Microsoft Access development with
linkages to CAD representations of environmental data in Microstation, but
this rapidly moved into GIS and SQL Server development. I have developed GIS
solutions on Microstation Geographics, Intergraph GeoMedia, and my personal
favourite ArcGIS. In addition to this I have developed a number of solutions
using .NET, ranging from ASP.NET web applications to PDA data collection
applications. The latter was used recently to collect all Biodiversity data
across much of London Underground (LUL), as part of the TFL Biodiversity
study for the whole of London. Throughout I have become progressively more
specialized in SQL Server, and almost everything I have worked on connected
back to SQL Server at some point. My plan is to become ever more specialized
as my career progresses, and hopefully gain SQL Server experience in
multiple industries.


Elizabeth Howse - 10

Date sent:          04 Apr 2002
From:               elizabeth.howse@baesystems.com

Hi Mike,

Just tried to ring yourself and Nick, but with no luck!

Hope you are well, and managing to keep all those students in order!

I've started a new job with BAE Systems, and they've already started
me on a recruitment drive!

I'm trying to find a special enthusiastic person to do a one year paid
placement with BAE.  They can be a geologist/engineer/environmental
scientist with some interest in Contaminated Land.  I know this is not
really you're field, but you could probably push me in the right

Anyway, i'll ring again later-or you can call me on 01296 652148. 

Thanks for you time

Liz Howse
AEG - 2000

Date - 11.04.06

Hello everyone,

Great to hear what everyone is up to these days!  Thought I'd update my
details too...

I worked after graduating at Soil Mechanics for 2 years, then moved to BAe
Systems for about a year...then went back to Soil Mechanics in Wokingham for
another 2 years (In between all this I did a bit of travelling for 3 months
to Oz, NZ and Singapore).  I worked as their Environmental Engineer and
worked all over the south east on lots of big SI jobs.  I loved the job and
the people BUT I've decided to completely leave the rain and cold, and the
awful drillers tea behind and retrain as a secondary school Geography

I'm all finished in May this year - so I'm hopefully going to inspire the
next generation to all become Geology graduates!  I am currently living with
my fiance Stephen in Richmond, and we're getting married next year.

For anyone that's reading this we really should organise a reunion!!  It's
been 6 years!!

Take care everyone, lots of love Whizz xx  (Elizabeth Howse)

Rehana Lothian - 10

From:               "Rehana" <rlothian@aurumexploration.com>
Date sent:     15 Sep 2004

I am currently working in Ireland with Aurum Exploration moving around
various projects, doing far too much GIS and not enough rock licking.

I am working on a project at the moment that may need some digital input or
checking of logs. It's time consuming but at least you get to know the drill
core really well! At the moment it's just an idea so don't go asking any
students yet, I'm just sounding you out.

It may be work for 2 students that would have a good knowledge of mineral
names/abbreviations/assemblages and who have a good knowledge of Excel and
have the patience to do it for a few days with a good degree of accuracy. I
can't remember, is there a mid-term break coming up? This might be the time
to do it.

I've run it by one of the Directors and he's mulling it over so can't say
more than that but tell me what you think.
Take care,



Stephen Parker - 8

From:               "Parker, Stephen" <Stephen.Parker@amec.com>

Date sent:        8 Jan 2003

Hi there Nick,

Good to hear from you - I trust you had a good holiday.

The SCI talk seemed to go really well and I used a case study on a
brownfield site in Portsmouth's Naval Base.  The feedback I got from
some people in the audience, the organiser and from word of mouth
within my company was good, and I think I made a few people laugh
which some of the previous presenters had failed to do.  It had its
dodgy moments where I was very honest about my experience of the EA
and Local Authorities but I dug my may out of it and left a few
thoughts for people to think about.

Liz Howse and Jo English were there, and so was Sam Dumbrell's boss
which was nice.  Jo English was a bit surprised when I walked up to
the microphone - I think the last time I saw her my situation was very

Other than that things are going really well.  I just got back from 3
weeks in Malaysia which was amazing and got an excellent pay rise too -
I never thought I could earn this much, in this field so quickly.

How is Portsmouth these days - has the AEG course closed down now, and
if so is there a replacement?  Still going to Cyprus each year and if
so any funny tales since our trip? The university looks like it is
developing rapidly the last time I was down and I am glad to see all
that money I spent in the union bar is being utilised!

Any news about other postgrads I knew?

Best Regards


Cledward Price - 8

Date sent:        10 May 2003

Hi Nick,

Carl here,

Thanks for that job info, I will find it useful when I get a chance to
process it.

I have been working on a 'Bio-remediation' contract in Manchester,the
aim of which was simply to reduce TPH contamination of the soils from
6000ppm to 1000ppm.This was to involve turning the soil with various
media ie,  bacteria and fertiliser.  However problems have been
numerous. The contract was  to last six weeks, we have been there for
ten so far. First and for- most the main contractor, a large 'muck
shifting' company can't grasp the concept of large volumes of soil
being left in one place for any period of time and so are very un-
helpful in for example, the maintenance of the treatment area.
Further-more, actions of theirs have caused damage to our 'windrow
turner' and so causing the machine to be out of action for 3 weeks (no
one claims responsibility). If we had full control of the operation
then these problems could have been avoided. Huge differences ( 10 x )
in lab results between us and the main contractor have stalled
progress further. If we don't have a base level to start from then we
can't select the appropriate media for treatment. We sampled the soil's
eight weeks ago and many times between and still our results conflict
and the labs can't give us a definitive answer.

Added to this is a growing distrust between us and the main

Hopefully that wasn't too boring for you!!!

Its beginning to bore me.

Changing the subject, have you heard from Anthoniou?   I have e-mailed
him but no reply. If you have any news please let me Know.

Hopefully meet up soon


Claire Riding (Hayday) - 8

Date: 12.11.08

Wardell Armstrong LLP, Senior Environmental Geologist

Involved as part of a team working on projects primarily related to geotechnical and engineering investigations, but also projects related to shallow mineworkings, gas and leachate control systems. An active member of the Institute Mining Minerals and Metallurgy and an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Attended the British Geomembrane Association (BGA) course on the design installation and CQA of HDPE/LLDPE geomembrane landfill lining systems.

Experienced in the preparation, administration and management of both tender documents and contracts documents.

Involved in the design of and planning application for a  waste transfer station. Including waste transfer movement analysis, traffic impact analysis, compaction method analysis and overall site layout design.

The work involves developing a key awareness of the importance of Health and Safety in all aspects of site works and utilising this  experience in the preparation of health and safety risk assessments for site works and post construction health and safety files.

Recent experience includes: Project management including, client management, liaison with the regulatory authorities, supervision of contracts for the construction of landfill cells and the capping of areas of completed landfill. Supervision of site works under the Specification for Highway Works of a major land reclamation and remediation scheme involving the construction of reinforced earth-retaining structures.



Gavin Rodway - 8

Date sent:        29 May 2003

Hi Nick
I hope that everyone at the college is fine and well.
I thought that i'd drop you a quick line to let you
know what I'm up to.

I'm still with Celtic Technologies  and at last getting a decent wage.
I'm working in Contam Land remediation and doing my own projects
now. I've been doing loads of different stuff such as
in-situ air sparging, vacuum extraction, ex-situ
bioremediation, dig and dumps and all the way down to
drainage investigation and site containment.

Just to let you know that the regeneration side is
looking for site technicians up to project managers.

if you know of anyone suitable tell them to check out
the website and they may get lucky.

Adam B-B and Chris Williams are working in Cardiff for
different consultancies, and Duncan Cook is off to
South America for a while, so we are all off to a party
in Bristol where Carl Price and Sam Dumbrell etc will be there.


Date sent : 10.10.06

Hi Nick,

 Hope everything is fine and well.

 I’m still working for Celtic in Cardiff as a remediation manager, I’ve been here 6 years now and time is flying by.  I have been running some large projects for blue chip companies all over the country, these are generally on gasworks, electricity substations and old chemical tips.  My job involves many aspects of brownfield remediation including, water treatment, HVE and SVE systems, bioremediation, in-situ and ex-situ stabilisation.  I’ve been digging up gasworks for the past few months, mainly for bio works with a little water treatment, 25 000 m3 of excavations over the side of a very wet valley.

 My family life is hectic, I have a two year old girl (Emily) and another baby that is due TODAY.

 Adam glad to see your in Dubai, you’ve got my number call it, I’ve always fancied a trip out there.  I’ve heard Sam Dumbrell has got a new job in Sussex county council. Dunc, Carl, Steve, Steve and Whizz, Claire, antonis, Rui and Kate, hope you are all doing well

 Well cheers all, I must pop down to Portsmouth soon.

 Gavin Rodway

 CELTIC Technologies Ltd
Columbus House
Greenmeadow Springs
CF15 7NE
T: 029 2036 8636
F: 029 2036 8637
W: www.celtic-ltd.com

Jo Thomas - 7

Date sent:    19 Dec 2003

I  was working as a lab technician for a geotechnical lab, until March when they decided they needed an extra graduate geologist/engineer so I changed over and started doing site work and writing reports rather than mashing the soil with palette knives for the plasticity index/limits.  Unfortunately, while the vast majority of people there were fine, and the work was interesting, the boss wasn't so good with pay reviews, providing contracts or training, so I started looking for other jobs... several interviews, a couple of months and one house-move later I'm working as geotechnical engineer for the Nuneaton office of a company called Joynes Pike and Associates. And really enjoying it!



John Almond - 8
Date sent:        20 Jan 2003

Hi Nick

Just a quick e-mail whilst dodging work. Things are going ok, I think
anyway, work is a bit slow at the moment with several large being
cancelled at the last minute by tight councils but there you go. I
took your advice when we came to visit you last and asked for a pay
rise and surprisingly I got one (2000 pounds!!) which was handy. I am
not sure if this is the job for me as at the present I am only using a
small fraction of what I learnt at uni now and the rest is slipping
away fast. There is nothing taxing and the work is monotonous small
scale Site work followed by short reports. I am wondering whether to
change jobs but have to wait till Claire has got one first. She is
still working for BP on a contract basis and that finishes in a month
or so. Apparently she says the Reading hydro course could be in
trouble but you probably know that already. Anyhow hope things are
fine and will speak later


John Almond


Antonis Arvonitis - 8

Date sent:        23 Apr 2004

How are you Nick.

I am now in the army serving in the eastern islands of the Aegean Sea.

I encountered a problem when I tried to get the Greek certificate for
my BSc. It seems that they can not find my name in the lists that the
University of Portsmouth send to them and they do not accept my
degree. If it is not a problem, can you send them (to the DIKATSA
organisation) a verification of my details and degree.

It is a bit urgent and because it takes a long time to go through
their paperwork, it is impossible to get a working license as a
geologist without going through the process.

Please contact me to inform me of any news about the matter.

Say hello to Mike Chaplin! Hope to come to see you in a year's time
when I'll finish.

Antonis Arvanitis
Environmental Geologist

Kate Atkinson - 7
Date: 29 Aug 2002

Dear Greg

Following my contact with you last month (re a job application and you being
a referee), I am pleased to let you know that I got the job and began work
as a Laboratory Technician a few weeks ago.

I work for a company called Tarmac Ltd and my role involves taking a
sample of tarmac from the back of the lorry (about 20kgs) as it leaves the
depot (and taking the temperature of it - usually around 170 degrees
centigrade), add methylene chloride (very dangerous stuff), boil the
remaining bitumen, sieve the dried results and work out all sorts of things
mathematically. I use a range of equipment from centrifuge, to water bath
to shovel!! I also have a van and have to drive around to various sites and
take samples of sand, gravel etc (this involves running up scree piles of the
aforementioned sand and gravel) with a scoop! Then its back to my lab for

Its all great fun, except for the hours - I work 6am til 4pm and am currently
being trained near Bury St Edmund's (1 hour 20 minutes away) but once
I'm trained I'm only 10 minutes away in Ampthill, which will be a relief.

Heather Bourne - 10

Date: 03-01-06

Hi Brian,

I graduated with BSc(Hons) Earth Science in 2001 and then with a MSc
Geohazard Assessment in 2002.
I have been working for Peter Brett Associates since Nov 2002 as a
Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineer.


Visit our new website at: http://www.pba.co.uk

12 May 2011

Hi Brian,
I hope you are well. As promised, please find below a brief synopsis of my own and Heather Bourne's working lives!
Heather and I worked in New Zealand for a little over two and a half years as noted in my previous email. We have now moved back to the UK and both work for WSP Environmental, myself in Central London and Heather in Basingstoke.
All the best.
James Mortimer
EG&G 2004 and
Heather Bourne
ES 2001 & MSc Geo Haz Ass 2003



Scott Davies-Hearn - 8

Date sent:        15 Jun 2004

Good Afternoon Nick,

Thank you for sponsoring my GeolSoc Fellowship, which has now been accepted.

I popped in last week to say hello, must have just missed you, as I was on a conference
in Portsmouth. I saw an advert for Summer placement/Studentships with the RAF LQA
Team at RAF Innsworth.

I work with the team on various projects and if you have any interested students,I can
unofficially contact Wing Cdr Tim Farmer and mention any names for you before they
apply officially.

Let me know if I can be of any help.



Scott Davies-Hearn
Environmental Scientist

* Environmental Sciences Dept,
Dstl Porton Down,
( +44 (0)1980 614249 DNet: (9)6801 4249
Fax+44 (0)1980 613139 DNet: (9)6801 3139


Sam Dumbrell - 10

Date: 03.01.07

Hi Nick,

Long time no speak, how you doing?

I've been working at West Sussex CC in Chichester since July 2006 as a Waste & Minerals Senior Planner having left the EA. Felt time was right for a move (and pay rise). The job is very challenging but great as am learning lots and should probably be doing a part-time MA/MSc in Planning from this September also. My EA career and degree help no end as they all cross over to a certain level here although the job is much more subjective than I am used to being a scientist by trade.

Lorraine, Yasmin (step-daughter), Max (my 2 yr old boy) and I are all still living in Worthing. I've been playing rugby for Shoreham RFC since September 2004, winning Sussex Central League 3 last season. We now sit in 3rd spot in Sussex West League 2 and are more than holding our own

Saw Carl Price in December at my surprise 30th birthday party, he seems well but I think looking to move from Portsmouth and change employer too. Haven't seen/spoken to Duncan Cook, Stephen Parker, Gavin Rodway, Rob Jones for a while but then I have been quite absorbed here and useless at updating all contact details etc.

Was looking at Geo/Hydro jobs in OZ online yesterday, some good ones out there and houses seem both huge and dirt cheap too - bit different to UK!

Anyway, that's a brief history. Hope you are well and hopefully we can all meet up sometime soon.

Cheers, Sam

Richard Farmer - 7

Date sent:          Fri, 26 Aug 2005

Mr Mike Chaplin! how the devil are you sir! tis richard
farmer here.....

Sending this from an oil rig in sunny New Zealand...
whereupon going on an aimless nostalgia surf around the
uni website i came across the SEES dept and some
gloriously memory provoking photos of you and other
notables mugs!! ha ha how are you all doing?? you all look
the same ...... or did you select younger photos??!...
although, thinking about it....it was only 5 years ago i
graduated....... seems a lot longer...hmmm

yes, well anyway i feel i owe some sort of thanks for the
boundless patience and perseverance you gave me whilst
dragging me through the course! So thanks. it is
appreciated... i think i would have booted me off the
course several times over if i was in your position..... but it
wasn't that i had no interest in the course or couldn't cope
with the work or anything.... my problem was the endless
distractions of student life..... i got a lot better at
skateboarding in the 4 years though..

it was actually due to skateboarding and one particularly
bad fall off it a few months after uni that i stopped mucking
about long enough to get my cv off to baker hughes and
subsequently ended up in the north sea... back looking
down a microscope at the rocks... that spell of work
only lasted long enough to gain some valuable
experience and a promotion to another job with them on a
fast track spell of courses no less!... who'd have thought
it.....not me that's for sure.... but when the funds were
looking rosy i quit and went galavanting around
australasia's finer surf beaches, skateparks and watering
holes for a couple of years... bit more galavanting round
indonesia... then now i've ended up back with baker
hughes in Taranaki, New Zealand. it's good as it's the same
job but 5 minutes from world class surf.. we're working for
shell and have just drilled NZ's deepest well (although
that's not saying too much!).


Chris Fleming - 10

Date sent: 12.09.06

I graduated from Portsmouth in 2001 with a BSc Hons Earth Science. I then had a year off to work in a bank (very boring) which convinced me to try something different. I'm now a teacher on the Isle of Wight, just starting my 4th year of teaching at Ventnor Middle School. I was made Humanities co-ord in June 2004 and Upper school Leader (year 7 & 8 Head) in June 2005. Its good fun, but stressfull at times...went to Euro Disney for a week last term!
Would be great for all the Earth Science lot to meet up.
Keep in Touch.
Chris Fleming (kwisturphur@hotmail.com)


Peter Freeman - 7

Date: 03-01-06

Hello Brian,

I graduated in 2001 in Geology. I later did an MSc at Portsmouth in Ground Investigation and Assessment, which I graduated in 2003.

I have worked as an Environmental Consultant since I left Portsmouth in 2001, first at Enviros, then at WSP Environmental since 2003.

 I am based in Central London, but I have worked all over the UK and also in The Channel Islands, France and Portugal. I have dealt with sites contaminated with all kinds of contaminants including hydrocarbons, chemical weapons, explosives, anthrax and radioactive material.  My job comprises the project management of site investigation from the proposal stage through overseeing the investigation and finally with the reporting and advising clients on the next steps. It is essential to have a good working knowledge of geology in my field of work.


Ruth Goldsworthy - 8

Date sent:        29 Feb 2004

Dear Nick

After graduating from the Applied Environmental Geology course in 2001 I have had a
variety of jobs within geotechnics and waste management. I am now looking for a
change possibly into teaching, and was hoping that I would be able to obtain a
reference from your kind self. If you could help I would be most grateful.

Kind regards

Ruth Goldsworthy
AEG - 2001


Rachel Hammerton (Nokes) - 10

Date sent: 29.08.06

Hi Brian,
I graduated from Portsmouth in 2001 with a 2:1 in BSc Earth Science.  I have unfortunately not been able to persue a career in Geology, but currently work as a Finance Officer for a local Charity (still living in Portsmouth with husband and daughter) and am planning to commence my professional accounts and finance qualifications in the very near future.  I have worked in accounts and finance since 2003.
It has been great to catch up with other people who graduated at the same time as me, thanks for organising the website.
Kind Regards
Rachel Hammerton (rachel.hammerton@signaturecare.co.uk)





Avril Lawless - 11

Date: 16.01.06

I graduated in 2001 with a BSc (Hons) Palaeobiology and Evolution.  I moved back to Portsmouth after spending 3 years in Cornwall still trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life, and have since bumped into Dave Loydell and Mike Barker, in totally random places, so what a small world it really is!
Unfortunately I didn't persue a career in the 'Geo' fields, but I am enjoying a rewarding career in teaching Science at a highly reputable secondary school (Wildern School) in Hedge End, Southampton.  I will be completing my NQT year this April.  Ideally I would like to introduce GCSE Geology to the schools curriculum so thats a challenge I look forward to if they're interested!
Anyway all the best, enjoy your retirement!

Avril Lawless


Claire Mara - 8

From:               Claire Mara <Claire.Mara@qdsltd.com>

Date sent:        17 Nov 2004

Hi Nick,

How's things going in Portsmouth?

We have just had an email sent round saying we have a new starter and
I noticed that he had gone to Portsmouth and done the Geological
Hazards course.  I thought. small world! and wondered whether you knew
him. His name is Thomas Overton.

We have quite a few people here who went to Reading University but
none from Portsmouth yet, well, aside from me!!!

Work is going well, bit stressful, but i'm still enjoying it at the
moment! Besides, if I do get fed up, then there are always emails
going round from other people that were on the hydro course in Reading
with Job offers. Always handy to keep in touch!

Keep in touch,

Claire Mara (AEG-2001)


Paula O'Connell - 7

Date: 18.01.06

Hi Brian,
I studied BSc (hons) Geology, graduated in 2001, and then went on to do MSc Geohazard Assessment, and graduated in 2002.  I found it difficult to find a job at first, but eventually got a temporary job with Babtie Group in Preston in March 2004 via an agency.  I was employed by the agency for 6 months, and worked on two large earthworks projects for Network Rail. 
After the temporary employment ended through the agency, I was offered a permanent position as a Graduate Geologist directly from Jacobs Babtie in Manchester in November 2004 (Babtie Group was taken over by Jacobs- an American company).  I have been there ever since, and have worked on a range of projects that has given me experience over a broad area.  I enjoy working here as I'm still learning a lot- and its just like being at uni except you get paid for it!  It's good working for Jacobs Babtie with it being such a large company there are a lot of people to learn from with experience in many areas, and we are always looking for fresh graduates to join us! 
If any new graduates are looking for a job in geology, hydrogeology, contaminated land, environmental, geotechnical in Manchester, feel free to e-mail me and we can have a chat, and will put your name forward to management.  I know how difficult it can be finding your first job after uni!



Richard Phillips - 8
Date sent:        21 Sep 2001

Hi Nick,
just a quick e-mail to let you know that I now have a new job!!  I'm
working for a company called Ewan Associates, based in Haywards Heath.
The job is a bit different to what I have done at Uni, it is network
modelling for water supply systems.  There will be some field work
involved, which is good, as there will be quite a bit of sitting in
front of the PC pressing buttons. The office where I'm working is
really nice, and there are only 3 of us at the moment so it is a
pretty friendly environment.  I'm travelling to H Heath by car, so the
days are quite long as i need to leave Pompey by 7.15, but the money
is pretty good and its an initial 3 month contract with the option to
go permanent at the end. The company is going to put me on a couple of
training courses (confined spaces and road safety) so even if I don't
stick the job after christmas it will help boost my CV.

How are things in P'mouth? I will try and stop by the university and
say hello some time soon.  Say hello and send my regards to Mike when
you see him next.

See you soon

Rich Phillips


Wesley Wray (Turp) - 6

Date: 25.08.06

Hi ya,
Saw the advert for this website in Geoscientist so I thought I would contribute.  First of all I have changed my surname since graduation, it use to Turp but is now Wray.  I graduated in 2001 with a degree in Engineering Geology and Geotechnics.  Since then the past five years have flown by, I have worked for four consultancies in this time and I am currently working for Golder Associates based out of the Chelmsford office.
Work has been interesting.  I am a fully trained IRATA rope technician so I can do rope access work.  Golder is using this to it's full potential by sending me to Gibraltar to do cliff inspection work and rock slope stabilisation works.
On a personnal note I have got Married and we are expecting our first baby!
All the best and I hope you enjoy your retirement.
Wesley Wray BEng (Hons)
Geotechnical Engineer

Golder Associates (UK) Ltd

77 Kensal House I Springfield Road I Chelmsford I CM2 6JG

Tel:  [44] (0)1245 291955  I  Fax:  [44] (0)1245 291950

E-mail: wwray@golder.com  I  http://www.golder.com






Hayley Best - 8

From:               "Best, Hayley" <hayley.best@landg.com>

Date sent:        3 Mar 2003

Hi Nick,

How are you? Hope you are well.  Am in fact writing with some good news
- I have been offered a job with Cardiff City Council as a Technician
in their Town Planning Department.  It seems to be interesting and
have good prospects so I hope to start in a couple of weeks.  I put
your name down as a referee I hope that was o.k!  I also applied for a
job as a Environment Officer for the EA but am happy to take the
council one. If you needed to contact me - no. is 02920 354 107 (works

Many thanks

Hayley Best
AEG - 2002


Lucie Burford - 8
Date sent:  27 Oct 2002

Just writing to let you know that I've now got a real job! I start work on the
4th of November at Environmental Services Group Limited (esgl), in the
soil mechanics department, based in Wokingham. Its not quite as
environmental as I would have ideally liked, but I'll give it a go!

I've been sent all the details for teacher training again, but I've decided to
give my degree a go and if it doesn't work out, then I'll apply for teaching.
Teaching is definitely something I want to do at some point in my
life, but for now I'm going to make use of my degree.

I went to visit Ed, Andy and Mark (last yrs EG 3's) in Ireland for a week,
as they have engineering geo jobs with Paul Quigley (not sure if spelt right!)
at isgl. They are getting on well and were trial pitting for a new motorway
while I was there. Surprisingly they've not caused too many disasters yet!-
well that's what they told me! They did seem to finish work rather early tho!
They reckoned it was the Irish way of life!

Date sent: 30 Nov. 02

Hi Nick,

Lucie Burford here, from AEG3 last year! Just a quick note to let you
that my job with The Soil Mechanics department of ESGL (Environmental
Services Grp Ltd) is going fine.

At the moment I am down at at Stone Henge up until christmas logging
bore hole chalk, thats being investigated by Soil Mechanics. This is
due to the future construction of a new road and tunnel, that's being
built to divert traffic away fron the stones.

I have suprisingly learnt a lot during the month that I've been there!
I have had training on chalk logging from David Norbury, as well as
having Rory Mortimor regularly visiting the site (as he is working for
Halcrow, our client). I'm mingling with the people in the know!

Got to go,

Lucie Burford
AEG 2002

Date sent:        23 Mar 2003

Hi Nick,

Just to quickly let you know that I am still working for Soil
Mechanics (Mowlwem plc) and have recently been working at Osney Lock,
Oxford and also the JR Hospital, Oxford, doing boreholes, dynamic
probing and trial pits. Osney lock required ground investigation for a
proposed re-inforced lock wall (as the existing one is collapsing) and
the JR are extending the hospital to create new wards.

Hope uni stuff all going well, have you heard from Larn or John? I
don't have much contact with them anymore. Hayley has a new job working
for the enviro depart of the council-she sound well chuffed!

all the best

Lucie Burford


Matthew Eynon - 10
Date sent: 20 Nov 2003
I had a viva for my MSc project yesterday with an external examiner (Robert Duck of Dundee University). It's been confirmed that I've obtained the MSc award and I have achieved between 60-70% overall for the year (actual mark to be confirmed in writing). The applied topic of my project (Monitored Natural Attenuation) really inspired me and Swansea want to publish my project as a short paper.

Just to let you know I'm working in Warwickshire for the contaminated land consultancy I applied for and have progressed from technical assistant to graduate engineer within 2 months.

James Farnsworth - 6

From:               James.Farnsworth@roger-bullivant.co.uk
Date sent: 16 Jun 2003

I finally got a job about a month ago. I am a geotechnical engineer for
Roger Bullivant Ltd. (Pile and foundation engineering if you don't know
them) I'm currently working in the design team at the head offices in the
midlands. It's a good job, its been fun so far, and the work varies so it's
always interesting. Just need to keep the job for a while, its still early
days :


Larn Fuller - 8

Date sent:      14 Oct 2002

Hi Nick,

Since my last e-mail about six weeks ago, i have returned from Greece,
where i spent 5 weeks island hopping.

Firstly i flew into Athens and after a few nights caught a ferry to
the island of Tinos. From there i moved onto Mykonos, which has a
lovely port town of small backstreet alleys between old whitewashed
buildings, but perhaps a little too expensive and touristy. Next was
Paros and then the neighboring island of Naxos, which again where
beautiful. Santorini was next on the list and i visited the volcano
and hot (warm) springs along with the excavations at Akrotiri.
Arriving into Santorini on the ferry gave a great view of the 200-400m
cliffs on which the main town of Thira stands, albeit a bit
precariously. Later i moved onto Crete's north coast and stayed on a
few campsites along the coastline before moving down to the south
coast, in particular the town of Palaiochora. From here i caught the
bus to the top of the Samari Gorge and then walked down to the bottom,
which is a 17.5km walk through some amazing geology and i'm afraid to
say some even more impressive views. A few days later i caught a boat
out to the beach island of Elefinissi (i think that's spelt
correctly), which lies just of the coast. Lastly i caught an over
night ferry back up to Athens, where i did a bit more sight seeing
before returning home.

Now i am getting down to the serious business of searching for jobs.
I'll keep you updated on how that goes.

All the best

Larn Fuller (old A.E.G)

Tristan Morgan - 8
Date sent:  1 Sep 2004
From:               "Morgan, Tristan" <MorganTr@pbworld.com>

Just to give you an up date as to what I am up to these days, I am still up in Newcastle thoroughly enjoying myself.  I have recently changed jobs and am now working for Parsons Brinkerhoff still in Geotechnics but I am doing a wider variety of work which is the main reason for me changing jobs.  Well that about it. 

Tristan Morgan
Assistant Geotechnical Engineer
Surface Transportation Group
Parsons Brinckerhoff Limited
Amber Court
William Armstrong Drive
Newcastle upon Tyne

Telephone 44 (0)191 2261234
Direct line 44 (0)191 2262023
Fax         44 (0)191 2262104
Mobile      07766 441846


Francisco Munoz - 7

Date sent: 12.10.06

Dear Brian,

I've just read the web page and found it really interesting to get an
update on what's happening with the geology department at Portsmouth and
its people. I finished my BSc (Hons) Geology in 2002 and since then I've
moved a lot in my career. I've now done an MBA and work as a management
consultant in London. I did my MBA at Portsmouth University. It offered really good value for money as I got a discount on the fees from being a former student.
I still love Geology and try to visit outcrops I
know whenever I can... I'm really grateful to all the staff in the
Geology department as I wouldn't be where I am without the skills I
learnt from them.

Best regards

Francisco Javier Munoz (francisco.munoz@mottmac.com)
Management Consultant
Mott MacDonald
Business & Technology Consulting
St Anne House
Wellesley Road
Croydon CR9 2UL
Tel: 02087743754
Fax: 02087609866

Date: 09.03.08

Hi Brian,

Sorry for the late reply.

Well, I graduated in 2002 with a 2:1 BSc Geology. My dissertation was based on the sedimentological analysis of the Madrid basin. I carried out a sedimentological analysis and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the transition facies during the Tertiary, from the source to the centre of the sedimentary basin.

After the BSc I went on to do an MBA and got employed by Portsmouth City Council to carry out a restructuring of the Engineering Services Department. Later on in the Council I became a project manager in civil engineering projects. This led to me moving to Mott MacDonald as a management consultant and project manager.

After a 18 months working in Mott MacDonald in the commercial and technical aspects of PFI/PPP deals I moved to PricewaterhouseCoopers to work as a financial advisor for PFI and PPP deals.

This is basically my story and I can gratefully say that I've achieved so much thanks to the numerical and project management skills gained during my geology degree.

any more information you need let me know.



By the way, it would be nice to organise a reunion in Portsmouth for all 2002 graduates, it was a really good year with some amazing people. About 10 of them are amongst my friends in facebook


Martin Nickell - 8

Date sent:        10 Sep 2002

Dear Nick,

Hello, hope you are well. Thank you for the phone call regarding employment
opportunities & sorry for the delayed reply - been busy earning money to reduce the
extensive debts incurred from university life!

As I said in our telephone conversation, I am currently working for my father's company
(Joywheel Ltd) as a machine driver - not the usual graduate employment I know, but is
convenient at present to my lacking a driving licence. The company is involved in
earthworks and groundwork engineering and may soon be venturing into site
investigation, so my geological background may become quite useful.

My father is keen for me to learn about the business from ground level with the intention
of eventually running it. I am not quite as keen, however.It is a good opportunity
financially but is very lacking from a social point of view, not to mention the stress
involved from being responsible for 80 employees!While I don't have a driving licence I
have decided to continue working for him and see how it goes, but am interested to
hear of any other opportunities that may offer a career. Skanska (Cementation),for
whom Joywheel are subcontractors,have recently offered to take me on and are a very
large and reputable company, so am considering it, but have yet to find out exactly what
position they are offering.

I imagine a driving licence is pretty fundamental to a job following a geological pathway,
but would really like to know the type of jobs that companies can offer an environmental
geology graduate. So any contacts or opportunities that you could let me know about
would be very much appreciated.

By the way, I am about to enroll on an Open University course to study for an MSc in
science in the evening- any thoughts - think it's worth it / recognised, etc?

Thanks again for phoning and I look forward to your reply,





Ben Anderson - 7
Date sent:  22 Mar 2005

To:                 mike.chaplin@port.ac.uk

I'm writing to you to say a big thank you for the reference you gave me 2 years ago for my teacher training at Bath Spa University College.
I have recently landed on my feet with my first full-time job as a secondary school ICT teacher in a really good school in Northamptonshire, starting Sept '05.
I'm currently teaching in Bristol (bit rough) but enjoying it a lot and really developing professionally.
The school I'm teaching at next academic year has also asked me whether I'd like to set up the curriculum for Geology GCSE and A-level within their school - sounds brilliant! It looks like I may be sending some of my pupils down south to you guys at university.

Take care and thanks again for being a total star throughout my degree,  I wouldn't be here now without your support.

Jeremy Cox - 6

Date: 16.01.06

A colleague of mine - Darren Newman forwarded me your email about the portsmouth graduate website.
I graduated in 2003 from the BEng Engineering Geology and Geotechnics.  I have been working for Hyder Consulting (UK) Ltd as a geotechnical engineer.  I am currently working in the Bristol Office alongside Darren Newman, Joe Hixson and George Flower, who are all Portsmouth graduates from the same degree.
Jeremy Cox
Geotechnical Engineer
Geotechnics Department
Hyder Consulting (UK) Ltd
5th Floor, The Pithay
All Saints Street
Direct Line 0117 372 1654
Fax: 0870 000 3903



Laura Harvey - 8

Date sent:        05 Jan 2004
From:               "Laura Harvey" <laura.harvey@environment-agency.gov.uk>

Hi Nick,

I was informed you gave me a reference for this position at the Agency
and would just like to say thankyou very much.Its all going well and
looking forward to some water flow gauging and spring montoring in

Laura (AEG-2003)

Laura Harvey
Technical Officer
Groundwater & Contaminated Land Team

25 Nov. 2011

Hi Brian,

Its good to hear from you too, since leaving Uni I have been working for the Environment Agency for 8 years. Started off in the Groundwater & Contaminated Land team working mainly on hydrogeology for abstraction licences, pump tests etc then moved into land contamination/remediation and advisory through planning regime. The last couple of years I have been a team leader managing the Sampling & Collection team for our area. So we collect all the baseline data from groundwater quality/quantity through to surface water, complaince sampling and ecology and fish surveys in the rivers.

I am a newbie to LinkedIn and have yet to figure out how it all works. I keep in touch with Alice Hayton, and Colin Rawbone is also on this site too and we exchange emails from time to time, he is often in some country do it roll as a 'proper' geologist.

What are you up to these days? I hope you are well.


Carla Littler - 6

Date: 23.10.07

Hi Brian,

I graduated in 2003 I from the BEng Engineering Geology and Geotechnics course and worked at SLR Consulting as a Geotechnical engineer.  I decided that despite my qualification, geotechnics wasn’t for me and although I enjoyed studying geology I didn’t enjoy it as a career. 

In June 2006 I completed my MSc in Environmental Health at UWE, Bristol and I currently work as an Environmental Health Officer in local government.

Environmental health officers co-ordinate, implement and enforce public health policies and we work to ensure that people have a better quality of life and live within a healthier society.  Typical work activities include:


  • Carrying out routine health and safety, food hygiene and food standards inspections;
  • Investigating accidents occurring in the workplace and responding to employees' complaints;
  • Visiting private and rented accommodation, including caravan sites, and taking action to improve conditions
  • Monitoring levels of noise, air, land and water pollution
If anyone is interested in finding in Environmental Health as a career more information can be found at http://www.prospects.ac.uk

Mrs Carla Littler
Environmental Health Officer

Swindon Borough Council
Environment and Leisure
3rd Floor, Premier House
Station Road

01793 466093



Richard Sutton - 10

Date: 11.06.07

Dear Brian,
I saw your website and I thought I would give you an update of what I have done since leaving Portsmouth in 2003.
I graduated Earth Science in 2003 and started working as a geology/geography instructor for a field studies centre.  In 2005 I moved to a site investigation company where I undertook SI for contamination and geotech for various BP petrol stations.
In November 2006 I changed companies and joined STATS Ltd in St Albans where I work with Peter Martin, an AEG graduate from 2000.  I am currently working on pipeline design, performing the ground investigations on the Isle of Grain.

I will be completing my Masters next year in pollution management form Staffs Uni.

STATS are looking for new staff, the details of the company are on the website www.stats.co.uk but the recruitment pages are not up to date and further staff are required.  If CVs are emailed to me ( Richard.Sutton@stats.co.uk ) I can forward them to the appropriate personnel.


Richard Sutton BSc(Hons) FGS
Geoenvironmental Engineer, Ground and Environment
STATS Limited   www.stats.co.uk
Specialist Engineering, Materials and Environmental Consultants
Porterswood House, Porters Wood, St Albans, AL3 6PQ, United Kingdom
Tel: 01727 833261, Fax: 01727 811528, Mob: 07944008555
Registered in England No. 2833839



Frances Waddington - 7
From:               Frances Waddington <fwaddington@rskensr.com>

Date sent:  12 Jan 2004

 I am working for RSK ENSR ,a geo-environmental consultancy
company. They are currently looking to take on another graduate with a
geology or environmental geology background. The vacancy is not currently
being advertised however, if you know of anyone who is interested in this
position they can e-mail me their C.V and I will pass it on to the relevant



James Batchelor - 7

Date: 13.6.06

G’Day Brian,

It has been noticed that there are too many geotech’s and not enough geologists listed on the Portsmouth Geology Graduates website and therefore I am submitting my details in an attempt to counter the trend!

I graduated from Portsmouth University in 2004 with a BSc (Hons) Geology and was awarded a NERC studentship to read an MSc in Mining Geology at the Camborne School of Mines in Cornwall (CSM).

Upon leaving CSM in October 2005 I gained employment as a Consultant Resource Geologist with Rio Tinto Technical Services, based primarily at their Bristol office, working on the 2006 Life of Mine Extension and Resource Model Update for the Rössing Uranium Deposit in Namibia. This entailed geostatistical analysis of existing blasthole and RC drillhole data, blast outline reconciliations and a month on site in Namibia liaising with mines geologists, engineers and other Rio Tinto technical staff from around the world.

Upon completion of my work at Rössing I was flown from Johannesburg to Perth, Western Australia in order to attend an interview for the position of Resource Geologist with Rio Tinto Expansion Projects (a business unit of Rio Tinto Iron Ore) to be based at their Mount Tom Price Iron Ore Mine (operated by Pilbara Iron) in the Pilbara of the north-west..

Subsequently, I was awarded the position and began work with Expansion Projects in March 2006. I will be based in Tom Price for at least three years and hope to move to Perth or elsewhere in Australia upon completion of my time here. Either way I can’t leave till I’ve paid of the loan for my Landcruiser!!!

I hope all is well both with the staff at SEES and my fellow graduates and I hope to see you all again some in the future. If anyone feels the urge to make contact please do so it will be good to hear from some of you again.

Who knows one day I might even return to Portsmouth and join the long line of those chosen to impart their hard earned knowledge!!!

Have a good one,

 James Batchelor

 BSc (Hons) MSc MCSM FGS

Resource Geologist

RTIO Expansion Projects – Mount Tom Price

PO Box 79, Tom Price,WA 6751

Work tel: +61 (0) 8 9143 3579


Date: 15.11.08

Hi Brian how's it going?

Things are still ticking along in the Oz iron ore industry but everyone is feeling the pressure of the current economic situation! If anything I think it will take a bit of pressure off us (Rio Tinto) as we have been ramping up like crazy for the past three years!
I was back in Pompey in August and visited Richard Teeuw, John Whalley and Malcolm Whitworth. There is some really good research going on at the moment and I will be keen to get them more involved with Rio in the future. Lets hope the turnaround happens soon.
Anyways, I was wondering if you had a contact email for Chappers and Greg Power. I was going through some old photos the other day and started to miss the old Pompey days and  how supportive Chappers and Greg were back then.

Hope this message finds you well.


James Batchelor


Mark Budden - 12

Date: 04.03.08

Hi Brian,

I finished with a 2:2 in BSc Geological Hazards in 2004. I sent my CV to Beresford Blake and Thomas (BBT) who are a Geotechnical recruitment agency, who kept me in contracts for 2 years starting with a job as a Contract Quality Assurance (CQA) Engineer, overseeing the Geomembrane capping of a landfill site through Robert Long Associates (now called White, Young, Green).

After the landfill site work, BBT got me a position at Mouchel Parkman (now called Mouchel), where I spent 15 months contracting as a walk-over survey on the M25 and surrounding main roads, my main role was to walk around the M25 marking down any signs of failure or potential failure on the embankments and cuttings, this work was passed on to another team who then looked at the designated area in more detail and planned monitoring of the site or designed the remediation for the site.

BBT also found me work for Gifford as an geotechnical assistant to more senior members of staff on Road designs in Republic of Ireland and Poland, this was again another short term contract.

Just before I got married I worked for White Young Green as a CQA Engineer on the clay capping of a landfill site.

After I got married in September 2006 I joined PGS Reservoir in Maidenhead, been here since. Working on the seismic interpretation for oil and gas mainly in a geotechnical applications support role due to my pre university days in a UNIX computing environment, and my knowledge of ERMapper from Uni days. The opportunities of travel in the company is a bonus, with time spent in Oslo training colleagues.

Mark Budden




Neil Farquharson - 6

Date. 07.06.06


I was a 2004 Engineering Geology and Geotechnics graduate from Portsmouth (2:1).  Being slightly less eager to start work than my course mates I jumped ship to Southampton to do an MRes in Coastal Engineering for Climate Change.  This proved to be a very rewarding experience, giving me the opportunity to study further aspects of Engineering Geology, Coastal Engineering, GIS, Climate Change and Off-Shore sediment hydrodynamics. 

I have been working for EDGE Consultants a Specialist Geotechnical and Environmental Design Consultancy for about 6 months now in Reading.  I have been lucky enough to have worked on a number of projects such as, soil nailing and cribwall design, slope stability evaluation and risk assessment, contaminated land desk studies and remedial work, and rock slope assessment and remedial work supervision. 

I am currently working towards my CEng and CGeol Chartership. EDGE have proved very supportive in guiding my CPD so far.  

Kind Regards

Neil Farquharson
Engineering Geologist

EDGE Consultants UK Ltd
Berkshire House, 252-256 Kings Road,
Reading RG1 4HP

Tel: 0118 953 3759 Fax: 0118 953 3760
Website: http://www.edgeconsultants.co.uk


Lucy Fisher - 9

Date sent:  22 Sep 2004

 Dave Giles put me in contact with
Eastleigh Borough Council a few weeks ago and they gave me a job
yesterday! Its a scientific officer of Contaminated land and is really good
money for a years contract. I am starting Monday week so in Southampton at
the moment looking for a house. Cat got a job in Basingstoke so we might try
and live together somewhere in between!

                                   Lucy ( Scientific officer!)


Alice Hayton - 7
Date sent:  18 Sep 2004

Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how
I've been getting on. I started my job at Soil
Mechanics 3 weeks ago and have been enjoying it.
Although, my first day on site I fell over and bruised
both my knees!!!!
I've been working closely with a girl on my team who
used to go to Portsmouth. She graduated in AEG two
years ago, you might remember her, her name is Lucie
Burford. A lot of people in the offfice are Portsmouth
graduates which is good.
James Purdy has also got a job as well, so it's nice to
have some one in the office who I know already!!!

Date sent: 10.09.06

After graduating with Geology in 2004 (was supposed to be 2003...but we'll brush over that one!) I joind a ground investigation company called Soil Mechanics. After working for 2 years we parted company and I went up in the world....literally to the 33rd floor of a sky scraper!
In June 2006 I started working for W.S Atkins, and am seconded to Metronet Alliance as an Engineering Geologist for the upkeep of 2 thirds of the London Underground system. It's all a bit of change, but I'm enjoying the new challenges! The next plan is to work overseas and find some sunshine!
Kind regards,
Alice Hayton

( alice.hayton@metroetalliance.com)

Date sent : 17.06.08

As of the end of March 2008, I quit my job as a geologist/geotechnical engineer at Soil Mechanics (a post I returned to as of Dec 2006 after a short stint at Metronet Alliance) and have ventured on a voyage around the world!!! I'm currently voluteering and travelling around working on farms, teaching and helping building houses!
I'm also in the process of gaining employment in NZ (when i arrive in Aug '08 for 6 months) as a geologist!
I'm enjoying seeing different parts of the world (other than the London Clay Formation!)
General plan is/has been to visit India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Oz, NZ, Hawaii and Guatemala...but the plan may change!!!
Alice Hayton (Bsc Geol class of '04)


Marina Martin - 12

Date: 10.03.08


Hi Brian,

I graduated with a 2:2 in Geological Hazards in 2004 and soon after got a position with Bath and North East Somerset Council in the Combe Down Stone Mines project team. The project was set up to stabilise abandoned Bath Stone mines on which a village of around 500 houses, schools, parks and shops sits. The total cost of the project is around £160,000,000 and is due to be completed in 2009-10. I spent a year and a half working for the project mainly maintaining and updating the extensive GIS database. Other roles included working with the risk manager on the project risk register.

After I left the council I moved to Structural Soils in Bristol and became a site engineer. I spend around 50% of my time on site supervising site investigations in order to obtain information for the design of foundations and the rest of my time was spent in the office scheduling testing and writing reports. The time spent with Structural Soils gave me excellent experience in the field and I would recommend anyone going into the industry to spend some time with a site investigation company. As a bonus you get to see a lot of geology!

I am currently working for SLR Consulting Ltd in Bradford on Avon in the Geotechnical team. I am still out on site quite a lot of the time although I am beginning to do more interpretative reporting and also some slope stability analyses. I am planning to do an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering and Management starting in September, providing I can get the funding, which I will do part time so I can carry on working.

Hope everyone is well in Pompey,



Marina Martin

Project Engineer


SLR Consulting Ltd
Treenwood House
Rowden Lane
Bradford on Avon
BA15 2AU

Tel:   +44 (0) 1225 309400

Fax:  +44 (0) 1225 309401

Mob: +44 (0) 7766 077269





James Mortimer - 6

Date: 12.01.06

I was recently passed the email (below) by Heather Bourne regarding your new website.
I graduated from the B.Eng course in Engineering Geology and Geotechnics in 2004.
Since August 2004 I have been in employment with Peter Brett Associates at their Reading office as a Graduate Geoenvironmental/Geotechnical Engineer.
The company is fantastic to work for, giving me ample work to keep me busy and also organising plenty of sporting/social events for the staff.
I have cc'd many of my fellow course mates so hopefully they will also pass on their details.

Kind Regards

James Mortimer

B.Eng (hons) FGS

For and on behalf of

peter brett associates

Caversham Bridge House,

Waterman Place,

Reading, RG1 8DN

DD: +44 (0) 118 952 0241

Fax: +44 (0) 118 959 7498

E-mail: jmortimer@pba.co.uk

Website: www.pba.co.uk


Date: 15.10.07


For the Portsmouth geology graduates website, I thought I would update you as to my new job. After three years at PBA, myself and my partner have moved over to New Zealand to look at the geology here. We both still work for consulting engineers MWH Global and GHD Ltd respectfully and still spend much of our lives getting wet looking at soils and rosks - just in the opposite hemisphere now!!


James Mortimer
EG&G 2004

12 May 2011

Hi Brian,
I hope you are well. As promised, please find below a brief synopsis of my own and Heather Bourne's working lives!
Heather and I worked in New Zealand for a little over two and a half years as noted in my previous email. We have now moved back to the UK and both work for WSP Environmental, myself in Central London and Heather in Basingstoke.
All the best.
James Mortimer
EG&G 2004 and
Heather Bourne
ES 2001 & MSc Geo Haz Ass 2003



 Ben Nash - 7

Date sent: 10 May 2005

 I'll be working for Biffa at their Redhill
Landfill Site as a Trainee Landfill Manager from 23 May. This
training will last for one year after which depending
on positions available I'll have a small landfill site
of my own to run or I'll be second in charge of a big
landfill site. During my training I'll be working
towards and gaining a Certificate of Technical
Competence, which is the bit of
paper the Environment Agency requires you to possess
before letting you run a Landfill site.

Date: 9.6.06

Hello Brian

As you can see from the email address, I've got a new job.

Currently I am working with the Environment Agency as a Regulatory
Officer in the Water Resources Team, based at the Shrewsbury Office.
Here I issue and enforce the abstraction licences.

bye for now

Ben Nash
Regulatory Officer - Water Resources

Environment Agency
Hafren House
Welshpool Road

Tel: 01743 283533
Mob: 07881 512268


Catherine Pritchard - 9

Date sent: 23.01.06


I have been working for Scott Wilson Ltd in their Basingstoke office, in Geotechnics section as an Assistant Engineering Geologist/Geo-environmental Engineer. I have been here for a year and 3 months now and have recently progressed from an 1.2 (graduate) grade to a 2.1 (assistant).  Scott Wilson are an international consulting company and also have loads of UK offices too... They cover lots of different areas - ecology, bridges, ports, transportation, planning, GIS,  geotechnics, water, CAD and others I can't remember!

The job involves lots of site work and then office work to write up interpretive reports. Most of the work involves ground investigation, logging, sampling, gas monitoring, groundwater monitoring, site supervision and interpretive reporting.

Scott Wilson are a great company to work for, they have a graduate training scheme and pay for you to do lots of relevant courses and seminars.... where I have already met up with other people from the other pompey courses! They take on loads of graduates every year so are definitely worth applying to.
The company help you work towards becoming chartered within your chosen prof institute (Geol Soc, IEMA, ICE) and pay for your membership, which is good.

I may be moving to the Scott Wilson Plymouth office this year (hopefully!)

Catherine Pritchard

Scott Wilson Ltd
Geotechnics, Scott House,
Basing View, Basingstoke
Hampshire, RG21 4JG, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1256 310631
Fax: +44 (0) 1256 310201
Email: Catherine.pritchard@scottwilson.com
Web: www.scottwilson.com


Simon Walkley - 12

Date: 03.02.06


I graduated from the BSc(Hons) Geological Hazards course in 2004 and I
now work for Peter Brett Associates in their Northampton office as a
Geoenvironmental Engineer.  Broadly speaking, I'm involved in SI work,
contaminated land investigation, subsidence in the Chalk and a multitude
of other things.  I'm currently working towards CGeol and CIWEM
chartership and get sufficient support from the firm.  I would highly
recommend PBA as an employer for geo engineers of any level.

Simon Walkley

Graduate Engineer - BSc (Hons) FGS

For and on behalf of Peter Brett Associates
11 Prospect Court | Courteenhall Road
Blisworth | Northamptonshire | NN7 3DG.

DD: +44 (0) 1604 878300
Fax: +44 (0) 1604 878333
E-mail: swalkley@pba.co.uk
Website: www.pba.co.uk




Jonathan Chambers - 9

Date sent:        24 Feb 2006
From:               "Chambers, Jonathan" <Jonathan.Chambers@hants.gov.uk>

I wanted to send you an e-mail to say thank you for helping me so much
especially in my third year. I would not have received a 2:1 without
your help and support, especially regarding my third year project.

I thought I'd let you know that since July, I have worked for the
Environment Agency for 6 months as a regulatory waste assistant, being
responsible for the management of waste throughout Hampshire, Sussex
and Isle of Wight. On the first of Feb I left the Agency to work for
Hampshire County Council, Scientific Services and I am now on a three
year apprenticeship as an Asbestos Surveyor (The Cyprus trip really
helped). Hopefully, in a couple of years, I'll be on mega-bucks, but will
have to wait and see.

So basically I have landed on my feet and I wanted to thank you.

I hope you're well, and SEES is doing fine.

All the best

Jon Chambers (BSc)
AEG 2005


Celine Hansen - 6

Date sent - 01.08.07

I noticed there was this website for those who had studied at Portmouth Uni and I thought I'd write a little about what I've been up to since graduating in 2005.

I started working for Atkins Global in Swindon, a small office of a large corporate company. I was in a small team, satellite of their Birmingham office, and was rapidly put in charge of organising ground investigations, from assisitng with the scope, doing the site visit and negotiating the price, to supervising, writing the lab test schedule, doing the stability analysis and giving feedback to the client (usually an internal client). It was mainly in the railway industry. It was a good time and I learnt a lot from a good boss.

But after a year and a half I wanted to see the world, so I went to Peru and started working for Golder Associates where I have now been for 3 months. Peru is quite different and the projects here are gigantic (some sites where I can't tell a sand dune or a rocky peak from another, I get completely lost). I'm involved in dam projects, mining, tunnels, gasoducts. So much for the variety. I work on slope stability, inclinometer monitoring, I'm going to supervise a drilling job in Ecuador and do some geotechnical rock core logging. I also coordinate getting adequate geological and topographic base maps. Not to mention how fast my spanish is improving.

Hope everything is going well for the other Portsmouth grads out there. I wish you a happy time at the reunion, I so wish I could come! Don't forget to put pictures up please.

Hasta luego,

Céline Hansen
EG Graduate 2005




Robert Theodore - 11

Hi Brian,

Thank you for inviting me to contribute, I think this website is a great

After graduating with a 2:1 in Palaeobiology & Evolution in 2006, I
decided to further my education even more and opted to study for an MSc in
Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. I only came out with a
post-grad diploma in the end, but managed to get a short-term job (6
months) in October '07 as a documentation assistant at Cambridge
University's Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.

Here I have been recording at a basic level the 100's of drawers of
fossils that have not been electronically catalogued, along with helping
organise their recently refurbished Palaeontology store and with Duty
management at the Musuem. I recently found out my contract is to be
extended untill September '08. I enjoy the work and find it facinating
looking through the historical collections, particularly the PhD
collections, but do miss being out in the field!!!

Best wishes

Robert Theodore BSc (Hons), PG Dip
Palaeobiology and Evolution 2006


Claire Walton - 12

Date: 06.03.08

I graduated in Geological Hazards in 2006.  I got sponsered to move to Australia straight from uni and have now been here for 18 months.  I work for Coffey Geotechnics and am based in the Perth office.  I work on a large variety of jobs all over Perth, residential work, mine site work, commercial developments, but have mainly been working on nearshore drilling work, off a jackup barge.